Weird metal doodad

hey! so my glowforge finally arrived today! the EEKS and YAYS of a thousand men!! all this after shipping it to my stackry locker and having it shipped to south africa from there (since GF no longer ships to SA directly, but anyway, a coupla 100 bucks later, and it’s finally here!!) during the setup however, i found this metal doodad on the floor of the printer - does this need to be screwed in somewhere first, and if so, where :confused:


Yep! You’ve got yourself a genuine doodad there alright.

If it’s out of your Glowforge, I bet somebody here in the forums knows what it is. I’m not one of those people. :slight_smile: But I look forward to knowing your result!


That looks like either


Ultimately support will get back to you about it once they see this thread.


You are, indeed, looking at a spacer. If you don’t see any other loose parts, then, with the laser off, try gently sliding the carriage plate back and forth on the laser arm. If it slides easily, go ahead and proceed with setting up your Glowforge according to the instructions in the Glowforge Manual.


ah thanks a mill Rita, much appreciated! will have a look-see :slightly_smiling_face:

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I took a look and I can see you were able to get printing! Is everything good to go?

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hi vee, yes thanks so much, everything’s been working great so far, so must’ve just been a good ol freebie from you glowforge folks :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: