Welcome Sign - Tampa

I got my glowforge yesterday and can’t stop making things! Here is my first print - a welcome sign for my parents new home (they are moving from TX to Tampa).


We know the feeling :sunglasses: Welcome to the community, and enjoy your adventure!



Nice sign. I look forward to seeing more of your projects.


Nice welcome for them!


Nailed it!


Welcome to the community. it never gets old making new things!


Great first print. 1 million to go!


Welcome to the forum! If that’s your first print, can’t wait to see what you future projects look like!


Columbia, in Ebor.

Top 10 on the planet.


I love it. I laugh, though, because I see so many first posts, my own included, that say “Here is my first print” and it isn’t the Gift of Good Measure. It is fantastic, but funny.
Keep up the good work.


Nice version of the city. I wasn’t expecting to see anything Tampa-related on here unless I made it. :rofl:


Tampa Glowforgers for the win!



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The weather isn’t very welcoming at the moment, but I love the Tampa area - so much to do! My sister in law lives there.


Columbia in Ybor is up in my top 5 restaurants. Been there dozens of times…


I love the 1905 salad and the sangria.


I almost always get the Paella.

It appears they are now closed, which is disappointing. I used to go down to Tampa a dozen times a year.


They are still open and thriving! They closed down for the last few days because of the hurricane but they are still open and have a few locations now outside of Ybor. The Paella is amazing!


Good to hear.

The web site linked from Google said page does not exist so I was concerned.

Try Pedro y Cary. It’s on Waters and Himes. Abuela and abuelo work there still. It’s probably the best Cuban food in the city. Their picadillo is better than any I’ve had (don’t tell my own grandparents). And thus, their empanadas are also the best—however, the empanada de pollo is even better. I can’t even explain how good that place is. I’m a 4th generation Tampa (Spanish/Cuban originally) and my business partner is a 1st generation Miamian from Cuban parents and we both agree that you’re not going to find better. I don’t think there’s a bad thing on the menu. Oh and their yuca is insane. Apparently they also make a soup out of it as a special but we never end up there when they have it. I think the son that runs the place told us he’d do it whenever, but we didn’t want to trouble them. The best thing about them? They’re not overpriced. Cuban food is not supposed to be expensive. I really envy Miami for that (and ONLY that).

The Columbia is ok. I remember their rice being somewhat bland. I was there recently and their Pollo Manchego was really good. It changed my overall opinion (although about 5 of us had it and most thought the rice was just ok). My wife got the 1905 salad which I’ve always heard good things about, however, and it didn’t disappoint.

Nothing beats La Teresita for the worst rice, however. If you get an opinion from someone about that place and they rave about it, I’d ignore their opinions on food.

If you want tapas, The Spain downtown is my go to. I think abuela is still in the back there too, at least the last time I made it over there she was. My business partner prefers Vizcaya but that’s just because each makes certain dishes better than the others. The Spain has a dish called Champiñones Extravaganza that is amazing. It’s like a delicious cream sauce over bread with goat cheese. And their beef (filete de res) is so tender you can cut it with a spoon, which I have done.

If you want a Cuban sandwich (a Tampa original) my favorite is actually the General Store on Hillsborough and Florida. Theirs is traditional and good. I also like Carmine’s. I miss Hugo’s. La Segunda is good too of course. There used to be a great gas station with Cubans out by 56th somewhere, but I can’t remember what hole in the wall it was.

I could talk about Tampa food all day though, so I should probably stop. If you take anything away from this, it’s go to Pedro y Cary. That’s all you really need to know. And now I’m hungry. :rofl:

Edit: Forgot, a friend who eats all over the place and has a very similar family history told me that the place that I think is called—literally—Comida Cubana is good. It’s on waters by Saigon Deli. I haven’t been so I can’t weigh in on it, but I trust his opinion.

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