Welding in glowforge

can you weld an image in glowforge

What do you mean by welding on the glowforge? It is designed for cutting & engraving.

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Are you referring to ‘welding’ text? If so, it can’t be done in the user interface.


yes trying to put to letters together so can cut just the outside

trying to put 2 letters together to just cut the outside

That’s trivial in a real design app, but not sure it can be done in the simple print driver provided by Glowforge.

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So you’re just wanting the outline of the two letters? Do you have the Premium Subscription? If so, GF has the outline function.

I never tried it on grouped items, though, if your two letters are separate. Not sure that it will work.

I figured out how to do it on cricut design. Thanks for replying.

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