Well Escutch Me


First draft…


ROFL! Love the patch! :smile:


I went a little overboard on the details. Can’t see the patch in the patch. And yes, those are crossed laser beams instead of sabers. :wink:


Or would that be Lase-arrgh beams?




Nice! I really like it!

Processing text

Sweet! Love the crossed laser beams.


Seriously, you crossed the beams?!?!?!?!?

You never cross the beams. It’s safety tip #1. Thank goodness the glowforge doesn’t come in a backpack version.

And if someone asks if you’re a god, you say YES!


Nice escutcheon by the way.


Never cross the streams, beams are OK. :wink:


It’s only okay because the universe didn’t tear itself apart. Seems like it was an unnecessary risk to me. :wink:


There is only Zuul.


Made a sign to go with the Pirate Creation Station.

I find it appropriate that the door has locks on this side so that the GF can’t escape.


Hey pirate dude, have you cut this early piratical freebie yet? :smile:


A few years ago they reconfigured an entryway at work. Part of it meant replacing the door handle with one that locked (the little knob thing, no key hole on the opposite side.) Looking at it with the facilities guy I said something like, so it’s up to the intruders if they want to come in or lock us in? Hmm, I guess I should fix that.