Went to check on my delivery date and my order is no longer showing at all

I got the email in late November or early December that upgrades had to happen right away otherwise the price was going up. I contacted support about some questions and at the same time ended up biting the bullet and doing the upgrade. So I thought anyways. I went on the website last night to see if by upgrading my delivery date improved but now I don’t see an order at all. I decided to check my credit card statement and it seems that the upgrade didn’t happen either. Can someone look into this please as A) I didn’t cancel my order, or received a refund, and B) I still wanted the upgrade so I am not sure what happened there.


As far as the predicted date, it goes away after you get the notification. BTW, the pre-sale pricing ended a month or so back… :grimacing:

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Don’t think that’s his issue. He said he went and tried to upgrade before the price increase but that his credit card was not charged and now there’s no order listed for him at all. That looks like he got a half-processed upgrade initiated - where they removed his prior order info but never went and finished it with the upcharge on his credit card and adding the new machine back into his account.

Definitely a Support issues.

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That is definitely what has happened.

Thanks, I should finish my coffee before trying to comprehend…


Don’t freak out - same thing happened to me. The upgrade system was having issues back then, and it likely just means they will have to process your order manually, like they did on my upgrade order.

The Good news - your order isn’t lost and they will contact you directly via email when they start processing it to get everything straightened out, and they will let you pay the balance then. :grinning:

The Bad news - unfortunately the little automated system they set up to give people shipping notices doesn’t seem to handle those manual specialty cases, so you kind of wind up in the dark about where you are. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The good news is that Dan has said that if you told them that you wanted the upgrade (unambiguously) before the cutoff, and the delay was on their end, you still get the discount.


Just another ugraded-to-pro user who had a similar experience. I was also freaking out but support got back to me and let me know all was well…

Thanks for letting us know. We do have your order and are following via email, so I’m going to close this topic.