What a difference!


My wife elected me to make a plaque for her cousin’s wedding. Since I’m in the process of running off invitations for friends of ours son’s rehearsal dinner, I went… HUH? Oh… The wedding is next weekend.
I haven’t played with acrylic yet, nor have I done engraving. Sounds like a challenge and I love challenges!
First, I did the straight proofgrade setting. Didn’t like how it looked so I did a second pass. Mistake!
So I figured I delve in to the
Map grays to power.
It took twice as long as the two passes on the first one, but what a difference!!


Great job! That really is a big difference!

Unfortunately you’ll probably need to either remove your non-PG settings or move the topic to Beyond the Manual. For some reason using settings that haven’t been blessed by :glowforge: is restricted here. As an alternative, you could remove the settings from your post and create a new topic in Beyond the Manual to discuss the alternative settings.


These are the new manual engrave settings that were released.


That’s beautiful! What a great gift.


unfortunately it doesn’t matter. it’s still not allowed to discuss manual proofgrade settings or any settings at all for non proofgrade materials in this subforum.


Wow, that looks great! Even if the post has to be moved, thanks for sharing your settings as they made such a big difference in the engrave!


Awesome discovery! I might have to try the depth engraving in acrylic for that thing I’m doing for my nephew. :grinning::+1:


I have found that the-setting-not-to-be-named is a great way to get really nice relief engraving when you have a source image with a decent range of grayscale. I just finished a project on PG Maple that I used it on that is night & day better than the first sets where I used standard settings or even the subsequent runs using some of the new power settings. It’s well worth experimenting with the “other” one :slight_smile:


It definitely was. I guess I need to play more!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This turned out awesome!


Who said I used non proofgrade material?
Medium thick clear acrylic :proofgrade:


SO sick of this.
I’m out.
Best wishes to all!


Agreed Tom, too many chiefs!!
And besides, if people actually READ these posts, they’d know that I’m definitely not the only one!


Please be consistent in your statements. There are many others that have posted the same.
Honesty I don’t think it’s your job or position to determine who can and can’t post information.

And just an FYI… I won’t be posting anymore work that I do.
This is ridiculous!!!


i think you misunderstand the point of these posts. most of us agree that it’s completely nonsensical to only post settings if they are the auto-generated settings on proofgrade material (dan has started pointing out and moving threads that disagree to ‘beyond the manual’).

they suggest that it’s a legal liability, but considering the mere presence of ‘beyond the manual’, i don’t think the argument holds much water.

hopefully by pointing this out, it shows how silly it is.


Well, no longer matters


While I understand the impetus behind this decision, I think it is in error. It’s very inconvenient in that anyone that wants to share is going to essentially make 2 posts, or leave out pertinent information, or just not post at all.

I hope they realize it’s not productive


obviously agree.

i’ll point out, too, how upset it can make people. no one was really rude or demanding, just making people aware. it’s so silly.

i hate to use the argument “well so-and-so does it” (even though i’m guilty of it) but it just strikes me as an overreaction. from my (clearly limited) point of view i’d think you’d want to maximize users’ interactions and sharing (since it leads to more laser use and thus more laser sales), not complicate it.


My point is that people tent to select a few to make these comments and not others for the SAME things!!!
Seriously, if the people on here that really don’t have positive or constructive criticism can’t be consistent across the board, they shouldn’t be posting!!
These are amazing new settings that @dan and his staff have developed and should be THRILLED to have as much information posted as possible to show what this beautiful machine can do.
If we’re only allowed to post here with preset settings, then many people that specifically look here will be VERY disappointed.
Either way, I’m fed up with the BS comments and what I do and make will no longer be shared here.
It’s happened with every post I’ve made and is no longer worth the effort or the aggravation.


it’s because it’s a new, user-hostile policy by glowforge; you aren’t being singled out, trust me. but it’s their forum to do with as they please.