What am I doing wrong here? Sketchup / Inkscape / Glowforge problem

I am making a dice box to hold 4 dice standing vertically. I created the project in Google Sketchup, then opened it in Inkscape to set the size of the objects, add colored cut lines to the center cuts and set the cut lines to 0.01MM. The internal cut’s are in red, so they could be done before the outer cuts.

When I load the file into the Glowforge UI, it ends up duplicating the cuts. What am I doing wrong here?

Dice Tube V4.zip (463.4 KB)

Dice Tube V4 - Sketchup File
Dice Tube V4 Final - PDF saved from Sketchup
Dice Tube V4 Final Print - PDF saved from Inkscape

Thanks in advance for the help!

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No expert. I imported the pdf to inkscape and all the boxes have fills in them. Maybe remove them? Are you getting some pieces showing up as etched by default? The fill would explain that.

Try this

*Removed Updated with non overlapping lines further down.

If you right click the picture, you can save the file to your computer.


I might have some time to look at it this morning. My guess is you have double lines and you only changed the color of the top lines.

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I thought about that as well. I’m at home now. Yes he has overlapping lines. Several actually.


OK So I looked at it again. Yes, there where several overlapping objects. Looks like you created additional boxes for changing stroke colors. Next time. Use the “Break Apart” tool under the Path tab. This would make each box a separate object that can have it’s own stroke color.

Here is the newest file.

2 Final Print

Try it out. Let us know.


I mentioned this elsewhere, but I’ll repeat it here. A trick to detect duplicate lines in Inkscape: set all your strokes to something highly saturated, like full red, with a low opacity. Any duplicate lines should show up as a darker shade.

Also in that thread is a link to an Inkscape extension that will remove redundant path segments. The original works for exactly duplicated segments; my modification consolidates points that are up to 0.1 px apart.


When I export from Sketchup, it saves both the face and the edges. In inkscape, that results in double edges (the faces have their own edges), and the edges are there too.

To fix this, I either delete the faces in Sketchup before the export, or delete the faces in Inkscape after the export.

BUT be careful, this can lead to a bunch of edges that are not connected. If it’s a small design, it does not matter. If it’s a big design, you are better to only export the faces, and not the edges.

I’ve not tried this, but you can probably hide the edges in Sketchup before saving it as a PDF. Then you will only have the faces.


Hope you figure it out!

Thanks @joe, that’s correct.

As a tip, if you see more than one outline for a particular shape in the sidebar, your Glowforge will print it as many times as it appears.