What are the proofgrade settings for?

I swear, everything I’ve ever tried to make using proofgrade settings has failed miserably.

It never cuts completely and just leaves me with ruined proofgrade materials.

It’s ridiculous that these settings basically have a 0% success rate and I’m an idiot for trusting them again.


Definitely a Support call after double-checking focus and cleaning all optics.


I’m just going to do what I always do which is print it again and set everything to 3 passes.

It’s annoying but that always works it just takes a lot longer.

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Whatever it takes to keep going, but there’s a better answer out there. My 5-year-old Basic still cuts through PG materials at the default settings as long as the PG is absolutely flat on the tray.

Best of luck.


There is a warranty on Proofgrade materials cut with Proofgrade settings. If you contact support, they should replace the materials.


if you have a failure like that and contact support, there’s a good chance they’ll give you a credit for the material. they may also be able to help you with getting it to cut right the first time.


What material is that? Did you remove the masking before or after cutting?



That’s awesome. Didn’t know that. I’ll definitely send them an email.


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That doesn’t look like PG material as it’s unfinished, which means the PG settings are only a guideline, but if it PG the biggest part of the price is the pre-finish and the guarantee!


Just to be odd one out, here…what machine are you using…an Aura or performance? I echo the question about masking since that almost looks like just paper that you’re cutting.


It might not be your entire problem but you have something out of level.
See how much more cut on the left of the photo than the right? This is indicative of being out of level.
Focus is pretty critical and just a little bit out and this will happen.


It is 100% proofgrade materials I bought from the glowforge shop.

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If this has been the case from the start, then a conversation with support could make a huge difference. One of the advantages of cloud calculations is that they can adjust individual machines so PG settings are correct and the same settings yield the same correct results as all the other machines. Just make sure that all the lenses are cleaned with the Zeiss wipes and cut the Gift of Good Measure with the PG settings noting the time and day. With that info they can look at the record of your cutting it and make any adjustments that are needed.


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