What did I do wrong - First time using my passthrough and it failed

Troubleshooting help please.
I was working on this sign for a patron. It was the first time using the passthrough.
After 8 hours of it working on the sign, it was time for me to move the wood. It told me to wait, as it figured out the alinement. Then said I had to do it manually.
So I lined it up manually on the dashboard, then moved the wood.
Everything looked like it would be fine.
Go back to look at it as it started - a big gap from where the graphic stopped to where it was cutting.
What did I do wrong so I don’t do it again?

You need to make sure and do the calibration so the image will be accurate. Then you need to use the Set Focus before you make the final alignment.

Getting the engraving to not leave a mark when going from one part to the next means an accuracy of under a millimeter. This would be extremely difficult in the best of circumstances, and a first time is not that. If I was trying to do something similar I would engrave the letters and then cut them out of a seperate piece of wood. That way the cut out letters would precisely fit the engraved area but if a letter was an extra millimeter away from the other letters nobody would notice. Then if the border was made of four pieces also applied that would work as well. Under those circumstances you could even make the two pieces of different species like cherry and maple to make them stand out and the result look nicer overall.


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