What do I do with this?

I got this delivered yesterday, and I opened it up. It’s just sitting there. What the hell do I do next?


Follow the instructions on the teal and white card surrounding the button (on the right side) and go to setup.glowforge.com and follow the instructions on the screen.

(And be sure to always scroll the instructions before proceeding.)


sorry, sorry, that was just a joke, I’m just excited. I unfortunately really do have it sitting there because I am still prepping my workspace. :slight_smile:


Thank goodness, I was beginning to think someone had surprised you with it! :rofl:


:joy: congrats, have at it, send us pics of what you make! It’s laser time!

I’ll post up pics of my workspace progress tomorrow… getting there! C’mon Amazon, don’t fail me now…

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@LazedAndDazed I see you’re dazed by the laze… you just gotta laze!


Without proper ventilation, I will be dead. :slight_smile: So need to get everything just right first!


Looks like some sort of fancy aquarium. Fill it with water and throw some fish or something in there. Sharks would be a good idea.


Sharks with frickin laser beams!


Put it in the living room, add a doily and maybe a candlestick and you’ve got a great conversation piece.

Whatever you do, don’t use it! It is much to clean and pretty and must be preserved.

Or… laser all the things!


You aren’t kidding about fumey death:

I’ve always wondered if the story is BS though, because who could sleep with an invented laser cutter around? These things throw some serious fumes.

And while I agree with the article, someone from GF marketing would probably disagree on the “3d printer” assertion…

Power it up and laser all the things!

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This reminds me of the movie Sky Sharks, which is about flying zombie missile laser sharks :rofl:

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I’m waiting for the table legs to arrive so I can set up the GF. This morning, it just dawned on me that my floor works pretty well as a table.


This story was thoroughly hashed out at the time it occurred and was proven not to be due to the laser cutter. I’m surprised they are still perpetuating that myth.


You must keep it undisturbed in its original packaging. Then place it in the attic. That way, in several decades, it will be worth more as a collectible. Just like a toy.

Because who wouldn’t open a freakin toy and play with it?!?!?


I haven’t been able to find an article that indicates the actual cause of death. But it sure sounds like the property owners are gonna be toast. Also, I wonder if a CO detector would have caught the levels in the apartment. Maybe it was not enough to be detected, but enough to harm you? I have no idea.

In either case, I have a Foobot already set up and waiting for anything to escape the GF. I only hope that it’s the right thing to use as a safety precaution.

In our house that’s the ‘floordrobe’.


And I’ve just found that the floor of my office barely has enough room for the GF! maybe a couple of feet to spare. Now I just have to wait for my wife to wake up so she can help me move it upstairs. I’m not taking any chances!