What do I use to weigh down material when cutting

I have some 1/8 th inch birch wood I have cut to fit in my glowforge how ever I think if one is not totally flat it is causing the name not to cut all the way through? Is there something i can use to make the wood lay perfectly flat to the tray? Like a magnet or something idk ? The wood looks flat ?

These are invaluable: Honeycomb bed holdown pins

A lot of us also use magnets. :slight_smile:


Agreed. I just cut about 100 of these suckers (turn off the engraving) and they’re invaluable. I really do need to invest in some good magnets to hold full sheets flat, seems I’m not cutting my stock fast enough and the baltic birch plywood I have left over from my purchase last year is a bit warped. Usually hold down pins on the sides works, but the middle bubbles up a little. I need magnets!

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We don’t recommend putting anything in your Glowforge unless it’s laser-compatible. We recommend using small scraps of Proofgrade material if you need to weight down the edges of your material.

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