WHAT do people do with scrap wood?

Oh I forgot free delivery

Yeah the cheapest I got bb for was about $10/sheet, but $15 seems to be more reliable. I get 4x8’ 1/8” mdf for $7 or so.

Scrap? What is that. Can you still make a “post earring” out of it? Value! :wink:

Where? I can’t find 1/8th Mdf anywhere but sellers online

yea, well I am ‘new’ to the ‘game’ $15 a 5’ x 5’ sheet of baltic seemed like a great price…
@cob51 check local hardware big box places - avoid etsy they seem to be the worst upsellers out there. internet search - thats how I found my local BB place…

We burnt a load of baltic birch scraps a while ago in the fire pit, they burn so well, but we had sore throats the next day so if you do that keep your distance (unlike us up in Canada)

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I thought he made a wood ship out of the scraps and wicker man’ed it!!! :frowning:

:rofl: yes it was kind of similar to this! We almost melted our faces off with it!

Yeah it goes up.


How recent is that?

A local place here charged me $24 for a 1/8" 5’x5’ last week. I talked them out of charging me to cut it up but, they normally charge extra for that. Maybe I need to try a different local place next time.

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Hello welcome to the group I’m new as well

A few months ago, maybe 3? Maybe 4? Prices likely have gone up.

I wish my place would cut it. As it stands I have to bring it home and do it here with a circular saw and a Kreg rip cut.

I wish I had the space for a panel saw. I also wish panel saws didn’t cost like $1500. Alas.


I bought mine yesterday @ $15 a sheet 5’ x 5’ (Las Vegas)

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OH man I am SO WITH YOU!!! I’m a computer geek, My Sears circular saw is so Unfit for cutting this fine wood.

@evansd2 you are so friggin awesome to point this product out, I JUST ORDERED ONE!!!

This plus a battery powered circular saw is pretty convenient.

No matter which way you go with the saw, invest in a fairly fine toothed blade, it’ll help prevent you from tearing the edge of the plywood up.

There’s a trick using masking tape to prevent tear out but it’s a pain and uses a lot of tape. A finer tooth gets really good results without issues.


This dog is enjoying the table scraps!

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This was my first cleanout. Did another before moving. I keep anything Proofgrade 2 x 2" for a while. But sometimes you have to say farewell.


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