WHAT do people do with scrap wood?

I am starting to amass a pile of it, what do people do with scrap, I have a separate box full of "usable’ pieces for smaller jobs, but what is really scrap scrap??? - kindling? grind it down and make pulp? - throw it out??



I hoard it. (Turned out to not be a bad strategy given today’s rising wood prices.) :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Old ground:



that was VERY helpful thanks @evansd2
ya know sometimes you can’t see the forest thru the #DeadTrees


Yeah finding uses for scraps is a way of life for some people on the forum, waste not want not etc.


Yea, I came from “burn it or throw it out” – but since I just purchased 10 sheets of baltic birch I KNOW what the $#!† costs!!! :stuck_out_tongue:


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Same here great for making small signs out of for mine and our groups model train layout


And how much is that?

Like I typically get 5’x5’ BB ply for 15$

That’s about 2.5 cents per square inch. I don’t get too hung up on that and usually burn my scraps.


that’s what i paid from my double super secret lumber dealer


Last time I bought BB I got 20 sheets 13.58 each . The time before was 8.35

Oh I forgot free delivery

Yeah the cheapest I got bb for was about $10/sheet, but $15 seems to be more reliable. I get 4x8’ 1/8” mdf for $7 or so.

Scrap? What is that. Can you still make a “post earring” out of it? Value! :wink:

Where? I can’t find 1/8th Mdf anywhere but sellers online

yea, well I am ‘new’ to the ‘game’ $15 a 5’ x 5’ sheet of baltic seemed like a great price…
@cob51 check local hardware big box places - avoid etsy they seem to be the worst upsellers out there. internet search - thats how I found my local BB place…

We burnt a load of baltic birch scraps a while ago in the fire pit, they burn so well, but we had sore throats the next day so if you do that keep your distance (unlike us up in Canada)

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I thought he made a wood ship out of the scraps and wicker man’ed it!!! :frowning:

:rofl: yes it was kind of similar to this! We almost melted our faces off with it!

Yeah it goes up.