What does a second-hand Glowforge buyer (who bought an unopened Glowforge) need to create a Glowforge account?

I sold and shipped my Glowforge without opening the box, and when I log into app.glowforge.com it says something like “connect your printer”. I can’t add a user until I connect a printer. I can’t connect a printer because I never opened the box for the one I had and that box is now on a UPS truck somewhere.

The question, what does a second-hand Glowforge buyer need to create a Glowforge account?, remains.

@Rita emailed me and asked for the buyer’s full name and email address so that an account could be made for the buyer. Whether this is what Support would like to do for future sales of not-yet-setup Glowforges or not is not something I can say, but if you’re selling a Glowforge it prolly wouldn’t hurt to contact your buyer to ask if they’d like you to pass this info along.

Tagging @MUnitedGT since I know they’re selling a Glowforge right now as well.


The new account is created now.

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