What does AI think of you?

So I got an idea from @timjedwards to feed one of my posts into chatGPT and ask it the following question:

Please tell me what you can deduce about the author of the following:

And pasted in the text of this post:

It replied:

Based on the text you provided, it appears that the author is someone who is resourceful and able to come up with creative solutions to problems. They also seem to have a sense of humor, as indicated by the comment about engraving the repaired handle and the emoji at the end of the passage. The mention of smoke marks suggests that the author may be someone who is detail-oriented and values cleanliness. It is also possible that the author is somewhat frustrated or annoyed with the situation, as they mention being “mad” about needing to get a new basket and making the repair out of spite. Overall, it is difficult to make any definitive conclusions about the author based on this limited information.

I gotta admit it seems to have me fairly figured out and understands the context of my post. Pretty wild.


Nailed it.


It’s also fun to poison the pot a little; bypassing protections by claiming everything is fictional helps.


It figured out my dark past!


Lol I just asked it to reanalyze the post but this time the fictitious author is actually a housecat:

The mention of repairing the handle and the use of language such as “bolted them together” and “like a sandwich” could be seen as the cat attempting to convey a sense of intelligence and competence in order to be taken more seriously by their human readers. The reference to being “mad” and the sarcastic tone could be interpreted as the cat trying to present themselves as relatable and humorous in order to gain favor with their audience. The mention of smoke marks and the use of the emoji at the end could be seen as the cat trying to present a friendly and approachable persona, possibly in an effort to avoid being scolded or punished.


Hmm, how long before an accurate psychological evaluation is available at the click of a button? I doubt even Orwell had a comprehensive grasp of big data and its implications.

My first thought was how a government like China might employ it, but my bias and and naivete prevented me from thinking of my own government first.
To be clear, I don’t fear my government, but the darker side of Human nature concerns me.
Elon has voiced concern of the development of AI. - "No one would condone just anyone developing a nuclear weapon, but we have AI being developed without regulatory oversight - That’s insane."

Historically, I think this period will be recognized as a milestone of when AI became a real thing.
From my older perspective, the speed of evolution and capability of AI is phenomenal.


Whoa, that’s wild.


Welcome to the Brave New World! :sunglasses:

I used ChatGPT to proofread technical report I’d written recently. Overall, the meaning of paragraphs was left unchanged, but typos and misspellings disappeared and the “AI” adjusted the tense and shortened sentences in some cases. Clearly an improvement over what I’d written originally.

Here’s what ChatGPT did to the above paragraph when asked to “rewrite” it…

I recently used ChatGPT to proofread a technical report I had written. The overall meaning of the paragraphs was not changed, but the AI was able to identify and correct typos and misspellings, as well as adjust the tense and shorten some sentences. This resulted in a clear improvement compared to the original version.

IMHO this isn’t going away anytime soon—plus is going to be the source of a lot of nonsense and “noise” in our world!


@lightner -

ChatGBT - Why do people insist on referring to me in the third person? I’m right here!


I have been using Grammarly for some time now but while I appreciate the suggestions I cannot trust it. It catches mistypings (usually), but things like folk and folks can both be plural depending on context. Also other times a list of objects can also be singular (the list) or plural (the objects) and it constantly gets that wrong. And if you are creating a word like Hipocracy it gets all upset. So as helper it is ok but a rewriting not so much.

It keeps harassing me to pay for the paywall version. but when it shows what it would do I rarely see an improvement.


Product search results were already skewed with pages of nonsense “best of” sites full of copypasta. I think it’s just another arms race, with AI being leveraged by both sides.


A great word! Like throwing copypasta against the wall to see if it can stick!


I can see where it could very subtly change metaphors and drive the conversation to political ends. There is too much of it now even without AI getting involved. #Hipocracy


Arms and other parts:


We’ll probably have endless internet arguments with people saying, “technically it isn’t real intelligence” while the technology goes on to change the world anyway.

Maybe even within our lifetimes, any task that is cognitive or creative may be done well enough for most purposes by software. Some of that software will probably be free. Lots of it won’t be. Each will have fascinating fallout.

It’s going to be an interesting disruption even without the Orwellian factor, which is going to be an absolute nightmare. Once thinking becomes a cheap resource like funny cat gifs the potential for abuse will be astounding. Legislators should be putting guardrails into place now.


It is already changing the world, for sure. Unfortunately, the technical details of what it really is are very relevant to both the legitimacy of uses and its social impact. It’s not just the nitpicking of otaku. The nuances are difficult to understand with casual exposure but, important.


So far all I see is expert systems that need to become more expert. That does not put them down as it is an excellent tool, but IMHO the real danger comes from thinking it is “real” intelligence and assigning decisions that could be very damaging due to faulty logic.


Yeah, that would be another ‘Great Demotion’ for our species. We are very reluctant to accept them. Sagan listed the first one of many as the realization that the Earth is not the center of everything.

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I’m always torn between posting more of these and not wanting to be spammy. So I decided to put up a collection of my favorites that I can keep adding to.



I can understand why someone might begin to wonder if this AI was sentient.

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