What happens if we defer shipment?


If we are unable/unwilling to receive the machine when it is offered to us, what happens? Can we ask for a specific future time window? Are we shoved to the back of the line?

What happens if we defer shipment, continued

You could always accept it and then defer delivery with UPS. I am not sure how long you can defer it for that way.


From the UPS website on Will Call holds:

“Packages not picked up within five business days will be returned to the shipper.”


UPS My choice allows you to set “vacation holds”, which I assume must be longer.


Of course, the other side of the coin is that if someone is deferring so that problems like delivery damage can be rectified at the source, the UPS hold is not a solution.


Find a friend or neighbor you trust. You can not defer for a week or two. You could try delaying your answer but the six week delivery window is too broad. No one knows when you would be invited again.


I am approaching this subject with a certain amount of ambivalence. Whilst on the one hand wishing to get my sweaty mitts on a glowing forge, I will probably have to delay due to forthcoming open heart surgery, and will be out of action for several months. Maybe this is why I’m not getting all hot & bothered about delays, and being an overseas customer the transit damage problem may have been assuaged.

Personally, I wouldn’t trust any of the large carriers as I’ve had trouble with them all in the past. It really beggars belief that customer care doesn’t seem to registers with them. Rant over…now where did I put those blood pressure tablets?


one thing to keep in mind about delaying via UPS is that the warranty starts when shipped.


Well, the west coast people should be waking up about now, so I’m looking forward to a response from the support team on this…


Yeah, I was gonna say that UPS is probably the worst option for babysitting your GF. :-/


West coast best coast! Wooooooo :trophy::trophy::chart_with_upwards_trend::glowforge::chart_with_upwards_trend::dart:



** crickets **


Just go ahead and give them my address and I will take real good care of it for you.


24 hours have passed and still no response from support…


What’s the SLA on these?




Yeah, you’re saying that it’s been over 24 hours, is that breaking the agreed upon response time?


All the automated response emails to Support say they’ll get back to us within 3 working days. (Almost always a day though) Nothing ever mentioned about if we just post a problem here.


On the email to support@glowforge.com ?

That is the official support from Glowforge.


oops, I think you’re right. I’ll try that avenue.