What have you accomplished while waiting for the Glowforge?


It’s great to read what everyone has been doing and how different all our lives are. I encourage more members to post what they have been up to the last 15 months! I forgot to add to my list that since I backed/ pre-ordered a glowforge I’ve had 2 birthdays!


I opened a brand new high school library (with a mini-makerspace). It’s been exhausting, but a great professional challenge. And it’s been a great creative challenge, since all of my signage, some of my decor, and even some of my furniture, I made on my Shopbot Desktop CNC (and my dad’s bigger Shopbot).

If I expect my students to be makers, I wanted to have our space reflect a making mindset. :slight_smile:

Here’s a pic of some of it…skyscrapers for the tops of our shelves and some desks my dad designed to use some of the bookshelves we won’t be needing for a few years until we get more books. :blush:


That’s awesome! Really nice to see.



Hey that’s coincidence. :slight_smile: I have gained 60lbs since my lowest weight but it’s not all your fault cause it’s been a 3 year process. Although I’m not happy about it, I’m still 100lbs under my highest weight.

HAHAHA!! Man I feel bad for the people who found my other 100lbs. Now I want ice cream to heal the wound.


Haha. Me too but they accidentally made me a latte instead of an americano at the farmers market this morning so that’s an extra 120 calories I hadn’t budgeted for, haha.


Haha Not that time. Took my hubs to try goetta for the first time, though!


It’s amazing how quickly those seemingly little add-ons really start to add up significantly!


I sat in a corner holding my knees and rocked back and forth…


Since I ordered my Glowforge, I:

  • visited 6 natural hot springs in 3 different states.
  • did the Wave hike
  • drove a UTV in the sand-dunes for the first time
  • took my jeep off-road in new locations in Utah, Arizona, Nevada, and California
  • completed the final transition from "self employed/freelance" to "brick-and-mortar small-business owner"
  • discovered the Stonyford OHV area and began exploring the 200+ miles of trail on my minibike
  • went to Oregon to attend my 60-year-old uncle's wedding
  • drove the Avenue of the Giants
  • went snowboarding about a dozen times (but only at Sugar Bowl in Tahoe)
  • attended Maker Faire San Mateo
  • jumped off the tracks just in time to see a full-sized Thomas the Tank Engine pulling a train-load of sightseeing tourists whip past (and not get hit)
  • took a dip in a swimming hole that was surrounded by giant redwoods
  • re-discovered fried-chicken-and-waffles as a dinner food
  • survived a thanksgiving with my girlfriend's parents (barely)
  • put about 10,000 miles on my pickup
  • passed the 250k mark on the jeep's odometer
  • trail-repaired a burst coolant line using duct tape and band clamps, then final-repaired it in the dark in the S.Lake Tahoe Autozone parking lot
  • acquired and learned to use a 16 x 20 heat-press for garment decoration
  • attended live shows of several of my favorite musical groups: Atmosphere (2x), Dilated Peoples, Aesop Rock, Murs, Mr Lif, Too Short, Lyrics Born, Del Tha Funky Homosapien, Souls Of Mischief, deM atlaS, Brother Ali, Emancipator, Tycho (and tonight I get to go see my friend Alam and his group Grand Tapestry as they open for The Living Legends)
  • drank at least 401 cups of coffee


I’m out of likes, but that list at least deserves a thumbs up :thumbsup:


On Friday night, after my company’s holiday party, I proposed to my now Fiancée!


Wow, that’s a huge step (and update).

Congrats!! :grinning:




Wow, I lead a boring life. :relaxed:

(And congrats @jeremiah!)


That’s wonderful news! Best wishes to you both.


What you said. Bah…humbug!


Compared to what these guys got to do? No contest. :wink:





(Meanwhile, something I didn’t do quite yet: get the bikes out of the path of the big snoplow pile.)