What have you crowdfunded?


I crowdfunded the Veronica Mars movie…given how abruptly (and unsatisfactorily) they ended that series - i just had to see it. :no_mouth:

So about a decade later…DVD players were obsolete. But at least I got a disk. :laughing:


Glowforge is the only one for me. I usually buy out of necessity, have immediate need and not into any unknown.
I lusted after a laser engraver ever since I first saw an oak desk set that had a sailing ship engraved on it probably 35 years ago. I was transfixed by the level of detail.
Owning one was nothing but a fantasy - until now.
That probably explains where the patience comes from. Not a characteristic I am known for.

Edit; we did put down the $1000 for the Tesla model 3!


My experiences with crowd funding have been wonderful.

The only crowdfunded project i’ve invested in that didnt work was Matchstick, and they refunded all funds.

I’ve also invested in crowd fundraising: donations to help someone save their house during the mortgage crisis, college tuition, refurbish community buildings, etc.

(footnote) I have ALS. I may live another year or two, but probably not much longer than that.


I have only participated in 2 kickstarted projects.
One was a cook book/iPhone app for a local chef (because I wrote the app :slight_smile: ) and the other was a pair of handmade boxer shorts because who doesn’t like comfy boxers.

Both completed and shipped almost on time (it wasn’t my fault, really!).


My KickStarter habit is a problem. 70 projects and counting. I just see stuff that I think should belong in this world and if it’s the end of the month and the money is in the discretionary funds it usually happens. Got 1 that’s 2 years late, some creeping over the 6 month mark, one that feels like a scam(deleted their account and disappeared).

So I’m pretty sure I’ve overlapped with a few of you. And looking at the projects y’all have linked I feel like I’ve missed some great things too.

So has anyone else forgot they backed something or written it off and felt like it was their birthday when it just shows up?


Too many to list so let me hit the highlights and lowlights.
Highlights : Handibot, great little cnc from a great company. I just bought 2.0 and waiting on it to arrive.
Lowlights : a Bluetooth pendant that was to work like stng communicators, never happened. Smart digital multimeter, still in work years after KS, I don’t hold out much hope.


Have only funded two. Glowforge and the Suckit dust boot for my CNC. The Glowforge had $9M of early investor funding so had a good deal of confidence that even if financial problems surfaced in a year or two, the earliest adopters would receive a product. The Suckit dust boot is very simple and a fully functional prototype had already been demonstrated. So no real risk there. Other than that, I don’t play the lottery. Though I have funded a butt load of relatives. Those campaigns have been universally less than effective.


Just this. I’ve pre-ordered some finished products from established companies (as opposed to books or media products.) I bought the first Roku on its second day on sale if that counts (I don’t think that was a pre-order.)


Carvey from Inventables, Litographs when they first began and a couple of other things which were not memorable one way or the other.


I have a Townie Go. I love it. It’s an electric assist bike, so you have to pedal for the power to kick in. I chose this particular bike because of it’s ergonomic design. I injured my back many years ago and wanted a bike I could ride upright.

I sometimes ride it to work (5 miles almost all uphill). I can ride it the whole way without breaking much of a sweat. :relaxed:


The Sondors is pedal assist also, you have the option of using a throttle if you like. I can hit 21mph on the flat using only the throttle with my 215lb overweight body on the seat😊
I’ve got a similar situation. I was run over 3.5 yrs ago leaving work on my motorcycle. With rods and pins from my femoral neck to my ankle, hills on a conventional bike would be a challenge.


Just looked at the townie. Looks like a great bike but at the price I saw, I cod buy 4 Sondors.:fearful:


My wife would like that style. She got a non-motorized bike similar to that (upright) a few years ago and now enjoys riding a lot more than she did with a typical mountain bike.


Yeah Dead Man’s Draw! If I remember correctly, that was the one I backed originally on Kickstarter and it failed to reach it’s goal. I was disappointed at first but was so excited to later hear the other game company picked it back up and ran another kickstarter for it. We love playing that game with friends.

We’ve also backed Robot Turtles (also from Dan), The final books to the Wingfeather Saga (by Andrew Peterson), Slugs & Bugs albums and a Signing Time video—all of these successfully funded, though most of them shipped a little behind schedule.

We also just recently backed the Wingfeather Saga becoming an animated series, and knowing it’s Andrew Peterson I am fully confident in it getting delivered (though guessing at some point it will fall a little behind their ideal timeline; just been my experience with crowdfunding).


Just the Glowforge, and the KRTKL Snickerdoodle, a small development board utilizing a combination ARM processor and an FPGA. (I like gadgets with large creative potential) The Snickerdoodle development seems to be coming along reasonably enough. They post occasional updates, and their design/revision hardware development process feels pretty similar to other hardware projects I’ve been involved with. Fairly low financial risk on the Snickerdoodle of <$250.


I’ve backed 10 projects on Kickstarter, mostly video games. The last project I backed was the X3D Duo 3D printer. So far I’ve been pretty lucky. While are few of them are late, none of them have failed. Yet.


I have crowdfunded quite a number of things including the glowforge obviously, Im also on the waiting list for a Tesla…(I CANT WAIT!!!)
There are about 6 or 7 indiegogo campaigns ive funded as well, but they really arent worth posting except for the Pugz earbuds. Theyre supposed to be here this month, we shall see!

Apart from those, these are the kickstarters Ive backed. I was addicted to kickstarter for a little while!

On time:

  • OBDLink MX WiFi: A Wireless Gateway to Vehicle OBD Networks
  • Orbitkey - The Elegant and Practical Way to Carry Your Keys
  • STICKO, a tiny sticky phone mount
  • The NEW LoopAlien UFA - Ultra Fast Attachment
  • Python Cords - Utilitarian Macbook Charger Protection
  • Clippies: Magnetic Earbud Clips
  • Gumstick: iPhone 5S, 5C, 5, 4, S4, iPod, Android, HTC Stand
  • Structure Sensor: Capture the World in 3D
  • The Shield: Tech Jacket with Super Powers (ID protection)
  • Pen/stylus made from MAGNETS. POLAR PEN - Modular Tool
  • Nota: The Ultrafine Tip Stylus for iPad + Android Tablets
  • Capture Camera Clip v2
  • SideCar: Laptop to Tablet Connector
  • UINK.it Stamp: User Interface Design Tool
  • Tube Tats: Dress up Your Bicycle with Removable Decals
  • SaQi Album Campaign

Late but good:

  • FLUX FLAP: iPad Case with MAGNETS for Unlimited Angles
  • The Tastiest Cord Solution: Cord Taco, Cordito, Cordlupa

Late, not as described:

  • 5 Color/Material 3D Filament Printer - WITH LIQUID COOLING!
  • INFINITY SEAT - Revolutionizing the bicycle seat
  • Jambadoo: a Bluetooth receiver that can connect to 3 devices

Havent Shipped Yet:

  • ChargeOriginal 90 Angled casing and reversible USB
  • Joking Hazard

Probably Never Shipping:

  • The Peachy Printer - The First $100 3D Printer & Scanner!

Failed to meet funding goal: 2 projects

  • SketchDock: iPad Mini, iPhone, iPod. Draw direct to Mac & PC
  • Sahara Case: Premium case for the iPhone 5/5s (Canceled)


A link to my Kickstarter profile. https://www.kickstarter.com/profile/744850376

Most famous one: 3Doodler

Best ones: Bukito 3D printer, Rope-O’Matic, Lousy T-shirt.

Yeah, I lost some money on the Peachy as well…


I kind of have an obsession with pens. So far I have backed the Lix pen (which is over a year late) and Pen Uno (which of course I got all the different colors AND the mechanical pencil, it’s finally arriving tomorrow… but I will be leaving for a short trip… I hope it arrives before I leave!)


Apart from the Glowforge, the reach 3d printer and a color your own tarot cards (Echo Chernik artist). Glowforge was ( and always will be) my first…:blush: