What is a group of GF :glowforge: called?



Thanks to a tweet by a E. S. Ringwald we can now see a group of GFs :glowforge: in the wild!! (Does a group of GFs :glowforge: have a designation?)




A glimmering of GF? A conflagration?


Looks like a Glowtwentyfourge to me.


A glimmer!


A flash?


A collation?


An Inferno :smiley:


Three or more Glowforges are a glory of Glowforges or a fury of 'forges.


A bonfire of 'forges?


'Tis a rare sight, indeed, to see a Pulsar of Glowforges in the wild. They are skitterish creatures, easily frightened by sudden movement. If you approach too quickly, they will scatter and hide; in some cases they will not reemerge for a year or more.


Danged if you guys/gals haven’t come up with all the cool names already. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

A flurry of forges? A gaggle of glows? :thinking:


A foundry of 'forges!

Edit: Although, looking up the etymology of foundry, it might be better to say “a fondre of 'forges”. :slight_smile:


If it is a murder of crows, perhaps it is an annihilate of lasers?


A unicorn is a fabled creature impossible to capture.
The Glowforge is a fabled creature impossible to capture.
A group of Unicorns is called a blessing.
I’d say group of Glowforges is most certainly a blessing.


A week’s production?


Looks like a Legion of Forges as they are many.


A forgery? Otherwise a 69x20 continuous cutting area?


Wait, wait…I got it…a frisson of forges. :wink:


I believe the obviously correct term is a surfeit.