What is going on here!

I don’t even know where to start.
I’m not really sure if it’s alignment or what. My glowforge is just printing all over the place. I have cleaned it, cleaned the fans, tension belt is as tight as I can get it. The camera is clean. I did a camera calibration last night and that printed perfectly. Now this morning it’s going haywire while I have piles of orders to get out.

If the calibration printed without incident, I would say that this is a physical problem. Something is impeding the proper movement of the printhead.

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Something is going on with the pulley mechanism that moves the carriage plate. My tension is good, a bought new carriage plate belt and wheels. I’ve replaced everything that I can replace. At this point I’ thinking about a new laser as I refund all my orders

The pulley mechanism is not complicated. Either the tension is wrong, you have debris in the belt or on the rail, or the wheel is cracked.


neither of those. Tension looks to be correct, no debris, no cracks.

With the honeycomb tray out and the machine off, open the front door and look under the carriage plate as you gently slide it back and forth. Do you feel any resistance? Slide the carriage forward and back. Do you feel any resistance?

Put your phone on the floor of the Glowforge and take photos of the belt on the pulleys. Are you sure the teeth of the belt face in?


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