What is going on with Passthrough?

Its been 2 days and my passthrough stops working after the first cut. I’ve lost over $200 in material and orders trying to get my projects done. It even resulted in my printer head burning out while trying to figure out the issue. What is going on?!

Hello! @jess2 I am sorry to hear about the Pro Passthrough issue. I will do my best to get this issue resolved for you. It looks like there may be an issue with the printer head we need to check on.

Could you please send in a photo of the following?

In regards to the printer head burning out, did the laser stop working during a print? It also looks like we recently sent a printer head mirror for you to replace was that done already?

Once we have that photo, I will be more than happy to assist with next steps. Thank you!

Printer head is fine and the mirror has been replaced, the issue is the alignment after the cuts are done.

See attached error messages I continue to receive

Thank you!

Jessenia Cosme
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Hello @jess2 My apologies for any confusion. I reviewed the logs of your Glowforge printer and the errors I am seeing relates to an issue with the printer head itself. I do need to inspect the bottom of the printer head to move forward with the next steps.

I’d greatly appreciate it if you could send in a photo of the bottom of the printer head so I can rule this out for you.

Thank you!

Sure , bottom one seems foggy but not sure if that’s normal or not

Hello @jess2 That foggy lens could definitely be the cause of our problems. I just wanted to confirm that you already attempted cleaning this lens?

Yes, numerous times :pensive:

Any update? I rely on the pass through for my business. Everything else is working otherwise

@jess2 Thank you so much for your photos and troubleshooting. I sent you an email with our next steps. I’m going to ahead and close the forum post and continue to follow up with you there.