What is going on with you?

I returned my original GF (in total) to you as requested. You sent a replacement 1 part replacement. Where are the replacement: print head, optic magnet, power cord, crum tray, and tray cover/building platform. You requested my “GlowForge and print head”. I returned everything that came in my original order and in that box. I received a box with only the one large part and none of the other equipment.

I have sent you 6 or 7 e-mails and left several voice messages. I have received nothing but Automatic “caned” messages on how over worked you are, etc. 48 hours is far to long for you just to sit on my required support with out a single “live” human reply.

Your “Support” is a solid Non Support.


When you send emails are you replying to the original automated response? or sending a new email to support each time? I ask because sending in repeat emails opens new support tickets and slows down their ability to respond as they need to gather them all up and that can push your request to the bottom of the pile. And as far as i know there is no support phone number for glowforge so if you are leaving messages somewhere via the phone they are not going where you expect them to. it usually takes around 3 business days to respond to a problems and support request in my experience.

I hope they get to you soon and your issue is sorted, hope the above info helps you out in some way.

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Also if you click on the support tab right now the live support is online you can chat with someone in minutes normally.

here is the link Support
The live chat is in the bottom right it is a teal colored icon.

(Edit: if it says chat they are live if it says contact us it is the same thing as sending them an email)


The return instructions specify that you need to keep your crumb tray and power cord and lens removal tool when returning a machine. You definitely should have gotten a new head, though. That is sandwiched between the packing material when shipped, so make sure you didn’t miss it.


Support won’t actually see this topic, or if they do it will be very lucky chance. That being said, you should continue with your original email thread since that will be your fastest way to get a response, save the chat function.

Thanks. Problems resolved.

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