What is the difference between your 3D Laser Printer and standard CO2 Laser Cutters?

Since you titled your equipment differently than all the other CO2 laser cutters out there it gives the impression that there is something new and different about your Glowforge. I know you haven’t released all the information regarding the specifications for this equipment but I would like some clarification on what feature makes this laser printer/cutter different from the rest. Mainly, why did you put the ‘3D’ label in the title? Will the laser be able to carve 3D shapes? Please elaborate.

Oops, sorry I missed this! Hopefully since we’ve launched at the new glowforge.com that’s more apparent - we do depth measurement of the material, have a flying autofocus lens for iterative engraving, account for kerf in material fabrication so that tab-and-slot designs come out accurately, and lots more.