What is the Duty Cycle Difference Between Pro and Basic?

I was aware that there was a a small
power difference in the tubes: 45W on the the Pro and 40W on the
basic. What I was not aware of was that there was a difference in
duty cycle between the two units. As I just saw in Dan’s post
“Anatomy of a $5M Week” that the pro will “run all day” but
what is not mentioned is how long the basic will run and how long it
will need to ‘rest’ between runs. I am curious since I pre-purchased a
Basic since I could not justify 2x the money for 6 more months of
warranty and just five more watts of power. I do not need or want a
filter, I would rather vent to the outside I just think the filter
will cause problems later as a maintenance item when it gets clogged.
Also I do not think adding a pass through slot is worth the risk of
having a curious visitor exposed to laser energy.

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Check out this thread: Can you expand on the benefits of the Pro model?

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This really does not really answer the question of what the duty cycle difference is, since Dan says they have not fully characterized it yet.

I am still curious what an approximate run cycle on the basic model is since I would assume they would have run into cooling issues while developing and testing the basic unit. It would be fine to give some ballpark thing like “We were running the basic model in the office with an ambient temperature of 70F for 10 minutes of cutting and then we had to let the laser cool down for 45 minutes before the next job…” This is all that I would like to know about. I know it is not fully characterized at this point, but any info that would give me an idea of run time would help.


Ballpark - if it’s ~70 degrees, the basic can operate for about an hour continuously. But it depends a great deal on what kind of operation you’re performing.

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so in theory if I called the room(air near the intake to 60 would I get a longer cutting time?

Seems plausible?