What is the name of this part and where can i replace?

Ok so i JUST got this machine. doesnt work out of the box. 2 weeks of 0 help from glowforge. They emailed me days later asking for pictures, i sent them pictures with no response. So im trying to figure this out myself in the meantime.

The original issue was that on the first print it lost power on the right side. I then tried another print now its barely doing anything at all.

I think one of the parts was damaged in shipping. The machine was on its side during delivery so i think that is what messed it up. The yellow lens on the side of the laser head (I think its focusing lens?) has some kind of liquid collection on the inside. I tried to use a lens cleaning wipe but nothing happened. I carefully removed the lens and wiped it with a few wipes and while most of its gone its still got spots on it. I dont know how it got there or what it is but i think the lens needs to be replaced. Where can I get another?

Decrease power on the right side is generally caused by mirror misalignment. Sitting on its side, how many times it hit the same side, can knock them off. They are unfortunately not user adjustable. When they survive transit however, they generally never go out of alignment because they are protected from getting bumped.

It could also be a weak laser beam which is more likely a power supply issue(GF custom part, as is the tube itself). Also easily attributable to delivery mishandling.


A pic of the lens you are talking about would help.


Just want to post to say that I have this same problem right out of the box. I have another machine so I still can work but I sympathize with you.

That is a window, there is another on the gantry under the left side. The actual lens you can see looking at the bottom of the head.

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The yellow thing on the left side of the print head is a window. They only have one lens, it’s at the bottom of the print head that you get out with the magnetic tool. It will say Printer Head Window (Black) on the website.

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Its hard to see ont he photo but there is a small somthing on it. the other lenses are fine.


Here is right and left side of the insides of the machine

Is the mirror in the top of the head properly inserted?

Almost certainly a mis-aligned mirror in the left side of the gantry.

A mark on that window would not cause it to drop off over distance.

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Further, a mark on that window on a basically-new machine is usually a sign of the mis-aligned mirror in the gantry, as the laser beam is not entering the middle of the window the way it’s supposed to. It starts melting/damaging the print head window and the area above or below it.

Your Glowforge will have to be mailed back and replaced, once everyone gets on the same page that this is what’s happened. It’s frustrating, but they’ll replace it as many times as it takes to get you a perfect one.


The only thing that can cause a big difference on the left vs right is this window here…

It can have even the slightest smudge that you can fix by cleaning or be misaligned in which case it is back to the mothership.

A smudge on that window would not cause a noticeable difference left to right, and the window cannot be misaligned. What’s misaligned is a mirror behind that window.


Glowforge finally responded back to me. They are willing to replace it

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My experience is different there :slightly_smiling_face:

Also depends on what the definition of smudge is. A finger print-highly doubtful. Wipe the crisco off your finger on it, oh yeah it would.

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Any tips on getting a response from them? I have the same issue, have sent the pictures, test prints info and all I’ve gotten back are automated responses. Zero responses to inquiries about status.

It’s all pretty frustrating and making me consider returning this very expensive brick I have sitting in my house and opting for a different brand.

Welcome to the forums.

It’s normal(here at GF) for there to be no communication when there’s no news to be communicated. When they get word from the warehouses, build factories, or other fulfillment partners, then they’ll send you an update.

Been frustrating customers with this policy for about 5 years out of 7(the first 2 didn’t have products to support-they were still being developed).

They will get back to you though.

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