What is the process for getting snap marks back?

I am wondering the process for getting Snap marks back. I was so happy to get snap marks because they enabled me to use my Pro the way I have always wanted too. Just before Christmas I was making a gift using snap marks and my Pro got stuck on Lid open…AGAIN! So again I contacted support and did all the checks then was told that again I should return my Pro and they would send another one. Long after Christmas I finally had my replaced Pro, but when I went to finish the gift the snap marks were gone!!! I have asked for them back but have been told only that I am on a list.
I check every day to see if they have returned.

Can someone give me an estimate of how long it might take to get them back??? I have not only unfinished gifts but also paid projects that were set up with snap marks.

Also does anyone know when everyone will be able to get them.? Especially Pro owners.

You won’t get them “back”. Each machine is treated as a new machine regardless of whether the owner used to have them on another machine. Most of us who had them on machines that have been replaced do not have them on our replacements. We’re in the queue like everyone else.


Are you waiting too?

Yep. Since last fall. And the alignment was better on the old one so needed it less.

Been doing the outline & jig thing instead.


Sadly (but realistically) machines get Snapmarks based on how accurate their readings are…so your old machine was more accurate than your replacement :frowning: They’re literally adding them to the easiest machines first (presumably because it’s faster), and then working their way through the rest of them. I’ve had 2 machines and haven’t seen them yet, but I keep hoping!

Good luck


Now I am wondering how often they have to be replaced. I am on my 3rd.

You would think the newer ones would be more accurate. Why would the quality go backwards?

AFAIK It’s not a quality control issue so much as a placement within the margin of error. I’m guessing they’re talking millimeters (nanometers?) of difference


Snapmarks are still in Beta.

The engineering team is selecting certain machines that will test whatever they need to see. And, unfortunately, if they already have enough machines testing, there is no reason for them to set up additional machines, even if an individual’s new or replacement machine would work just fine with the Snapmarks.

So my suggestion would be not to wait for it…this is the nature of Beta testing. Go ahead and start processing any files that you have now using the original methods. Because the next time they might be available could be when they are released from Beta. :neutral_face:


Thanks Jules. :frowning_face:. I am still wondering if anyone knows when the beta will be over. They seem to be working, or did for me.
I do hope They will be free to all pro users at least since they really do help.

There has been no plan revealed as to if Snapmark will ever have a production release or if it will simply vanish. As such, I’ve chosen not to use them at all. I don’t want to get addicted only to have to go through withdrawal. Once they announce it’s really coming, I’ll give them a try. And I certainly look forward to that day! :slight_smile:


Well, we’ll get something for the Passthrough at least that should be similar, so I’m not worried. :slightly_smiling_face:


You might be the only one. Snapmarks work fine for me but the very, very, very long passage of time for a passthru feature or release of something similar to Snapmarks should be high on the exasperation meter for others. I expect the spin from the company but…


Yep, it’s taken longer than most folks expected. It’s taking longer than I expected. But yeah, I still believe it’s coming. (No spin, and no inside information.) :smile:

I’m just a staunch little creature of faith. :innocent:




As a tinkerer, I use them when it seems like the easiest way to do a job… but if I was using my machine for a business, I would absolutely be conservative, and not become dependent on them.

I think a lot of users do not realize how uncertain the future of the feature is, and I am worried about what will happen in the community if it gets yanked.


I’ve actually never seen any specifics given by GF staff as to what the parameters are that determine which machines get them. There’s been a lot of speculation in various forums, but to my knowledge, no official word.


I’ve had them, and lost them. They’re very handy, but definitely not crucial. I look forward to getting them back, but in the meantime, I can still accomplish all the things I want to do.


I am afraid I will be like this poor fellow, skeletonized, before we get the defining feature of the Pro model…


Awwww! That was just mean! (That is not a cute hedgie pic!) :smile:

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