What metal type surface is recommended for jewelry? I have a pro


I ha ve a glowforge pro and really want to design gold and silver like jewelry but I don’t what metal “like” materials I can use. Any suggestions? Also what settings would I use?

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Welcome to the forum. Not sure what you’re meaning by ‘metal like’ materials, but it sounds like you already know that you can’t do anything with real metal. The Glowforge is not a powerful enough laser to do that. Perhaps you’re thinking of mirror acrylic?

You can ‘mark’ on some metals by using a marking medium like LaserBond or Cermark, but you’d have to use pre-cut pieces. You can also ‘engrave’ on anodized aluminum which actually just removes the top layer of color.

Give us a bit more information and maybe someone will have a bright idea.


There are metallic acrylics out there that look pretty good.
Rub’n’Buff can be used on woods or leathers to give things a metallic look.

But yeah, what @Xabbess said, give us more of an idea of what you’re trying to create and we might be able to help more!


You can use the Glowforge to make templates, jigs and, forms for shaping things from materials it won’t cut.


Fixed it…thanks.


Can the glowforge cut anodized aluminum? If so, what settings should I use? I know its not proofgrade so can anyone recommend where to buy it?

Thanks so much.

Glowforge cannot cut ANY metal.


You can engrave through the coating to expose the metal below. There’s plenty of info on the forum about it. Good luck!


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