What metals for sure will the Glowforge be able to engrave?

I saw on your video, you were engraving a design on a mac book, that’s some kind of aluminum (correct me if I’m wrong), I was wondering what other metals will the GF able to engrave.

Dan it also would be nice to have a full list of materials GF is able to work with.


Dan has answered this in another thread.

Also @ferlg51 check out the tech specs for what materials GF can work with.

Do you know if GF has been doing testing using dry moly instead of Cermark?

Someone (not GF) here posted a comparison between the two, and there were a few differences in depth of coloration and power settings, but for the money - moly would get my vote…

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We haven’t done more than perfunctory testing with spray on pretreatments like Cermark yet.