What should the cutting area be?

I’ve seen conversations in other threads on this (I did search the forums first) and it seems that this summer, Glowforge updated the software to support a cutting area of 11.5 X 20.4 for “slow movements like cutting”. I’m trying to do some simple cuts and the “out of bounds warning shows up for me a little under 11”. Is there something I need to do to “unlock” the extra .5" - I didn’t get my 'forge until fall so it seems strange that it would be worse than units shipped earlier. Halp!

Hoping to get my project unstuck this weekend with your help!

Here’s a picture showing the problem:

Unfortunately, they haven’t expanded the bed size to the full 11.5" yet. Just under 11" is the current limit to the range.

If you want to cut the full sheet, orient your cuts from the bottom of the sheet, cut one part first and Ignore the other one, then flip the board and cut the other one from the back of the material after moving the design for it down to the bottom of the cut range.

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From the photo it looks like you haven’t moved the design up into the cutting area. Those gray stripes are off limits. The design I’m seeing should certainly fit in the current Glowforge cutting area.

The cut zone is
X 0 to X 19.5
Y 0 to Y 11.0

The engrave zone is
X 0.5 to X 19.5
Y 0 to Y 11.0


Can’t speak to yours, but my shipping notice/agreement listed these specs:

The material rests on a 18” x 20” working bed. The printable area is 11” x

My experience is that in reality it’s about half a gnat’s hair less in both directions, but it’s never been a showstopper for me. YMMV, of course. :wink: