What size acrylic to use

Hi. I have somebody who wants me to make some keyrings out of clear acrylic. Just not sure if I would be better with 1/8 or 1/4 inch thick. Also would you recommend using the proof grade or something else? Thank you.

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Either will work fine, I like 1/8" for things like this, but it is just a matter of how you want them to look.

Also, if you have a local source for cast acrylic, that will be cheaper than :proofgrade: and will cut the same.


I’d recommend using cast over extruded, extruded is more brittle.


Thank you both

I have used both, but find that I like the 1/4" a little better, depending on the style of the keychain. It just seems to make it a little more sturdy when I think of them being banged around in a purse or pocket.


It definitely depends on the project. I’ve done letter (initial) keychains and the 1/4 looks best for something like that. If they are a bigger surface area, I prefer 1/8.


Thank you all. Do you have a recommendation on sizes for the jump ring for each thickness? Thank you!

I usually use 9mm for 1/8" and 12mm for 1/4".

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Thank you!

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