What size material can be used without the crumb tray?

Hi. I understand that the cutting/engraving area can’t be changed but how wide of a board can you put inside the Glowforge without the crumb tray? Both from side to side and front to back.

Thank you!

From Glowforge:


Awesome thank you! Where did you find that so I know where to look in future? Thank you again.


Glowforge tech specs.


Keep in mind that the side rails of the crumb tray define where the gantry needs the room to pass so that needs to be open if the gantry is not going to hit it.


Huh, never noticed that. The lip at the base is as deep as the gantry assembly/wheels?


Ok thank you I appreciate it.

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Thank you.

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May be too fine of a point, but I think speed also has an impact on the width. If you go x fast your engrave area will shrink.


Yes I remember being told that. Thank you

Particularly if the material is higher than the crumb tree would be it is the same as something on the crumb tray rails. Safer is usually safer than asking for trouble in any case.

You can always remove the crumb tray and look of course.

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