What Software Creates the SVG/DXF Files For Wooden Box Templates You See On Etsy?

Hi All,

Does anyone know what software is used to create Wooden Box Templates that you see on Etsy to buy? (See Sample Link Below). I would like to try to do this myself if possible. I can create an SVG file, but there has to be a trick to getting all of the measurements for the thickness of the wood and lining up all of the slots to fit. THANKS!!!

The box you include looks quite a bit like the one provided by Cuttle and the team behind Cuttle are active in this forum. I encourage you to check it out. For other box designs that are free look at boxes.py


Ditto. cuttle.xyz is ab fab, and I use boxes.py quite a bit. Here’s a page that lists a bunch of others if neither of those make you happy :slight_smile:


Thank you both!


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