What software does everyone use for welding words together

Okay, I guess I made a mistake when I subscribed to the Premium Version of the Glowforge software.
I am new and did not know that I would not be able to weld words together with it. I just assumed that since this is something that we would all want to do…the software should be able to do that.
Or if it does, I cannot figure out how to do this.
What software do you all use to design with? I bought a monogram file that you can insert names in, and I can’t even use it. Very disappointed.

Hey welcome.

Any vector editor will do it. Everyone’s got an opinion. Here’s a roundup.

Also here’s previous discussion about how to make monograms.



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The Premium subscription offers many shortcuts - including the text feature. However it is not a substitute for a graphics program. I use Inkscape.


I use Inkscape, and it welds letters easily, and it’s free.
But there are many others. Inkscape is the only one I am familiar with.

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I use Illustrator for everything.

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