What to make with thin acrylic

I’m looking for project ideas. I impulse bought some cheap acrylic and have a ton of it. Not sure what to make. I have stuff that’s less than a mm thick to about 2.5mm, maybe a little more. I have one that has adhesive backing. Some are dual colored. I think I have one that’s magnetic. Anyone made anything using thin acrylic that I can take some inspiration from? I did a search for “thin acrylic” but didn’t find what I was looking for.

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You said some of the sheets are coloured? I’ve recently been making signs for my friends to give to their kids to put in their room or hang on their door or whatever. Still getting the hang of perfectly bonding the two layers (opaque white with translucent coloured top layer). It’s actually a lot less noticeable than in the photos. It’s 3mm but would look fine with thinner layers.

I use an acrylic solvent similar to IPS Weld-On 3.


Hmmmmmm, let’s see…

Stained glass (or regular) windows for tiny houses
Earring cards for jewelry display (thicker acrylic interferes with the closing mechanism)
Templates for paper crafting
Acrylic jewelry: pendants and earrings with tiny acrylic windows and loose beads behind the windows.

I think a supply of thin acrylic would be a great resource!


Not really a fun or sexy idea but I use a lot of thin acrylic and delrin for making shims and spacers. :slight_smile:

Thin material would be good for lightweight ornaments.

You could form it into cylinders or cones by warming up and wrapping, and use as tea light shades. Use the GF to cut the raw patterns and designs into the material.


Use it to make thick acrylic…I need to find that link…there was a really sweet project where one of the GF staff bonded sheets of different colored acrylic together to make a single sheet of rainbow acrylic, then cut things out of that…dammit…who was it and what was that post called? (Seen too many projects now…and memory fails.) :thinking: It was over a year ago…think it was @jae

Whew! Search engine actually works for “Rainbow”: :smile:


Thanks for the suggestions everyone. Keep em coming…I’ve got a lot of this stuff :slight_smile:


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