What to put the Glowforge on?


Just so long as he can reverse the polarity of the neutron flow.



Saw that at Costco – looks incredibly sturdy.



i’m way too cheap. i got two 2x4 pieces of ply and gorilla tapes them in a stack to the top of two filing cabinets. rock solid and it honestly looks better than i expected.



It is very sturdy, and VERY heavy. I got it to my house, and my dad helped me unload it into the house. But we had to take open the box and carry individual pieces into the basement, rather than do the whole thing in one trip. Even that was pretty heavy.

I’m glad it has wheels on it to move it around



How did the aquaponics experiment go, I been thinking about doing it myself, I came up with a plant holder design that can be cut with a laser. The only thing holding me back is the space needed, my research says that a self stabilizing system needs to be close to 3700 liters in volume and I don’t have the space yet.



I am building mine out of a modified Kmart clothing display I bought for $15. But maybe you can quickly get yourself one of these from IKEA. Some are adjustable!



Almost there, Real work keeps getting in the way, I am hoping to have them by maker fair. I’ll keep you posted



Would you be so kind as to measure the interior dimensions of the ALEX drawers? They site just has exterior dimensions. I have a lot of 12" x 24" sheets for my cutting machine and if they’ll fit, that unit would be good for that plus GF stuff.

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I won’t be home until Saturday. Please remind me this weekend and I’ll measure it.



16.5" deep x 23.5 wide. Top three drawers are 2.5" tall, and the bottom three are 3.25" tall. Just since I happened to be staring at mine, thought I’d save you the task of trying to remember, @joe :blush:



Darn, 1/2" too narrow for my application! Thank you for checking.



Did yours come with two locking casters or four? Do you have any problems with it being ‘too’ easy to move? I’ve got the two locking casters on just one end and the other end keeps swinging out when I open up the drawer on the unlockabke side. Is yours on carpet?



I have the same table and put the locking casters on the front of the table.
Yep I didn’t follow the directions. :grinning:



make a wedge/chock/boot for the other two wheels?


or make/buy something similar to the bed-wheel gripper products?



Tip: Locking casters work best when on opposite corners :wink:

I was planning on using this folding kitchen cart since it’s already in my work space - a little narrow front to back but a couple 1x2’s under the GF feet should solve that.

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How did the aquaponics experiment go? I grew stuff and I killed fish, but not to eat, so all in all not bad. The growing season here is 3.5 to 4.5 months so it has to be inside. It is true that the larger the system the easier it is to balance, and as I had a very small one (it took up about a third of a spare bedroom) it would probably only every be balanced by someone with a lot of experience.

Not to try and dissuade you, but the three biggest issues that I believe are downplayed are:

  1. A concentration of plant life that makes a garden look barren is going to attract other life as in disease and insects. Not really an issue for me being indoors, but it will be if you’re outdoors. Organic farmers can at least use organic pesticides you can’t if you want to keep the system alive.
  2. If you get just one diseased fish all of your fish will be diseased. You can raise the salinity up to 3% without affecting the plants, but that is your only weapon against fish diseases.
  3. After you harvest you’re left with a mixture of half gravel and half tenacious roots that gives cement a run for its money. Your mission is to remove the roots. Not a problem if you enjoy exercising your muscles.

The thing is you’re going to wind up with a lot of vegetable life in a small area. So if you’re cool losing some of it to nature, and especially if you live in the southern tier of states, Australia, S. Africa or similar I’d say go for it. If you can keep the fish disease free you don’t have to go for maximum bio-load. That’s only if you’re in it for a mythical profit.



Thought there were a bunch of college students or graduates here. Four cement blocks and two boards. Use 8 blocks if you’re taller.



Sounds like my first entertainment center…



Opposite corners it will be! Great tip.

My fault for following the instructions.



I don’t know. It is awfully tempting to use a cement block as a material flatener or clamp. Then your glowforge would be at a wonky angle, or too low.

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