What will you buy with your $50 Inventables gift?

I didn’t see this as a topic anywhere, and so many people are getting the email now, I was curious… So what are you planning to buy from Inventables? I’ll start…


I own an x-carve but with my new baby it’s hard the get out to the big sawdust filled garage and engrave stuff. So I’m buying the $200 dust management system to attach to my x-carve, and we’re bringing it inside the house!!

So now I only have to pay $150 :laughing:


a $2.49 sanding sponge and $47 international shipping.


That sounds about right, the giftcard will just about offset some shipping, 1 board of white corian amounts to $42 in shipping for me


Thanks for reminding me to go find my $50 gift certificate for Inventables! :smiley:
I just ordered some more acrylic sheets, Total with shipping was $49.88 I have 12 cents left!

Matte White on Gold, White on Red, Translucent Blue, Translucent Purple x2 (dark shade), Translucent Purple (lighter shade). All 8"x12" and 1/8" thick, except the white on red which was 1/16" thick.

I had already ordered a bunch of other stuff from them last week without the gift certificate, and had cut these ones from that order because it was getting too expensive, so yay, bonus free stuff.


That is really funny and I hope that’s a joke. Because otherwise I’m really sorry.

@darkdesign and @espen_svebak, several people in this forum have offered to purchase these gift codes at either face value or slight discount. So no need to feel like it is wasted. Just post a for sale.

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Are you sure? Have a large dust collector on my X-Carve. No way it could come in the house. The dust collector helps with 95% but that other 5% goes everywhere. But if you manage to solve the dust problem, the term “new baby” and ear splitting router don’t seem to go together.


Probably will order some of the metallic acrylics

Oh I don’t feel like it wasted at all, it literally covers my shipping. Probably going to pickup some parts for my cnc at the same time :wink:


Ordered mine last night. US - Indiana resident.

  • Gold Mirrored Acrylic Sheet - 24170-03
  • Translucent Blue Acrylic Sheet - 24152-03
  • Transparent Red Acrylic Sheet - 24163-03
  • Lucite Light Guide Acrylic Sheet - 30443-01
  • Brushed Aluminum on Black Laserable Acrylic Sheet - 25257-01
  • Red Oak - 30179-03
  • Soft Maple - 25771-03
  • Bamboo Plywood - 25371-01
  • Cherry Wood - 25315-03
  • Birch Plywood - 25795-04
  • Maple Plywood (Rotary) - 25797-04

Most of them in 8" x 12" sizes just to check out what I like and want to order more of.

Shipping was $7.50, and I bought a few more things than the $50 credit so with shipping, my bill came to around $25.

Looking forward to getting these! My Proofgrade materials came in yesterday. :slight_smile:


I ordered my stuff awhile back. I’ve only played with some of it so far. I ended up ordering $100 worth of stuff to get free shipping.

My strategy was to order a variety of things to try out to get an idea of what I can do with the material.


True. PM me if you want to sell. I like materials rather than international shipping costs, too.

That’s a pretty positive attitude. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’ve never met a router that was quiet or even remotely not-loud.


I have never been more thankful to be a Chicagoan! I can walk to Inventables and pick up my order and am totally willing to buy someone else’s code for face value, PM if interested


I used it to pay for a tiny portion of an X-Carve, for all the things I want to make that don’t fit in the Glowforge.


Oh yeah, I need to do that. Probably going to get myself some linoleum and some light diffusing material because I’ve always wanted to make stamps and lamps…


I ordered a few different colors of acrylic, some corian (backordered) and a sheet of purple heart hardwood.

I’d save it for now, you get a nice variety of stuff from GF with your machine. Use the 50 for a splurge project once you get your sea legs. Inventables is pretty insanely overpriced for some of their stuff.

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Do they have cermark? If they do that would be excellent