What you do for a living?

(shhhhhh…i like it too. Tell no one.) :head_bandage:


It has its purpose…I dont mind it either.


Did someone mention… the font police?


Ha ha ha…yeah, right. Mum’s the word. I’m sure no one will ever know. :grin:


Retired Florida public school guidance counselor for 31 years. Never used any CAD or any design software. Anxiously awaiting the GF. Recently became a resident of Paducah - Lone Oak, KY. Anyone on here within an hour of me???


Hi, welcome! I’m halfway cross the country, but there is a Glowforge Google Map around here somewhere that has people pinned in their nearby locations…you might find someone there.


I graduated college (single mom with grown kids) in mid 2016 with a Bachelors in Network Communications Management with an extreme interest/passion in Information Security. I have been going to InfoSec meetings 3x a month for about 3 1/2 years now. I started interning at the electric company during college. I have been there almost 3 years as a contractor. I have been working in the NERC CIP (Critical Infrastructure Protection) as a Information Compliance Analyst. I am still trying to “break into” (pardon the pun) Information Security but lack the experience to get an entry level position. I am now studying for my Security+ exam and have two others I want to earn as I feel they will help me get into the field. hmmm nothing like the glowforge? lol

I also have 3 3D printers in my home (I own 2 of them and the other belongs to our Makerspace). I have been enjoying 3D printing for about 6 years now (building my first one in 2012). I prefer the Ultimaker brand of printers as they are the most reliable ones I have used. Our makerspace at one time had over 20 3D printers of varying manufacturers or self-built.

Next week I am doing a presentation to the company’s “Technology Club”. I am bringing my Ultimaker 3 because it is a dual extruder and will have it running. Unfortunately I can bring, but not cut with my Glowforge because it is an indoor presentation and I don’t have a filter.

My task is to give a short power point presentation about how you can incorporate 3D printing and Laser Cutting in your home and hobbies. I have already cut “drink coasters” to hand out to the attendees, going to be cutting some referral “business cards”, and will have on display the items I have made thus far. I hope to have an edge lit sign there, a few other prototypes for name badges, the Finger Burninator Device which I think is one of the cleverest designs ever! thanks to @takitus for posting it. I have cut some earrings from the catalog, but cannot remember what I did with my Unicorn Spit as I think it will make the most awesome finish for them. (We moved last year and I haven’t seen it since we moved)… wait, what was the question again?? :wink:


Hey welcome to the group! Sounds like you’ve got a lot of potential uses for your Glowie. :grinning:

Thanks! I love technology, always been a gadget girl (as I gaze at my newly acquired Samsung S9+) :wink: I love sharing my love for technology and that is what they asked me to do. Wish I could have even more samples for them, but I have had a couple of requests from local groups I am a member of to create name badges for them…so slowed me down a bit.

I can’t wait until I can order my Tesla Model 3 … that baby is going to be custom Glowforged! :wink:


I’m in the Navy as a Submarine Sonar Technician. I mostly just got this laser for my son. He’s autistic and the type is called hyperlexic. Basically he loves letters, words, and numbers. So the ol glowforge is mostly to make new alphabet inspired items for him.


Thank you for your service!
I hope your son enjoys the Glowforge.

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Welcome to the group! You’ll find a lot of really great projects here that I’m sure your son will relate to. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m a Forensic Detective, after many years in IT, web development, etc. Basically I’m the geek that wanted to be a cop, and made it happen when I was 52. Pays lousy but the returns are great. I do computer investigations into human trafficking and such along with regular cell/internet harassment. Most of us doing this line of investigations burn out after 10 years and I’m about there. It’s really ugly/horrific out there in some places. Plus there’s mandatory retirement coming up.
So now looking to build alternative income streams for retirement via the :glowforge: making pretty creative things to make people happy, I also have a 3d printer and a Silhouette Cameo. Both of which have been sitting idle since I got the :glowforge:
I love this talented, thoughtful and creative community that Glowforge has inspired and can’t wait to see all that about to come. Thanks!


Yikes, that would burn me out in a week, but it sounds fascinating. :smile:
(And very useful these days, I’m glad there are people like you who protect. Thanks.)

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Are we posting updates? Because now I am out of games, and a veterinary telemedicine app product manager.


I’m a CTO for an Engineering firm. I’ve been 25 years into the Architectural / Engineering / Construction space primarily as a geek. Started in CAD way way way back in AutoCAD version 9, so I’m a CAD geek when designing stuff for the GF. I’m also a woodworker as a hobby, I’ve made most of the furniture in my house and currently trying to finish a tear drop trailer (I’ll post more pics in the thread I started about that when complete).

My love of lasers started in 2000 when I was working for an arch firm here in Denver and they had a full time model shop creating incredible models of the buildings we were building (DIA, Seattle main terminal expansion, Colorado Convention Center, various airports around the world) and they had a laser cutter for cutting plexiglass, foam, wood, etc to make the pieces. I was HOOKED as a WW’er and always wanted to add this to my arsenal of tools.

So a geek + woodworker = Glowforge fanatic!


I’m another “recovering engineer” — totally stealing that term for future use! :smile:

I started off as an electrical engineer, gradually morphed into software development (interactive database-driven Web applications, back when most of the Web was “flat” HTML), then as seems to inevitably happen, got pushed more and more into a management role. Like so many others in the tech industry, I lost my job in the post-911 downturn.

I woke up one morning a few months later and realized nothing hurt—all the aches and pains I had attributed to “old age” were actually caused by stress! That was just one of many clues that it was time for a change. So, I found myself at forty-something having to start all over again deciding what I wasted to be when I grew up.

I thought about making a career of my artwork and graphic design, but quickly discovered that to get paid you have to do what OTHER people want, which isn’t nearly as fun as doing what YOU want.

Then I thought maybe I’d go be a flight attendant, because we could travel and see the world for free, but I found out I’m too tall. Hmmph.

Eventually I found my way to nursing school, and then on to grad school, and ended up a psychiatric nurse practitioner. I currently have an outpatient practice, as well as a state contract caring for chronically mentally ill individuals in residential settings, AND I am half owner of the nation’s first NP-run TMS (trascranial magnetic stimulation—think kinder, gentler electroshock therapy!) clinic.

And in my “spare” time, I collect hobbies. :blush:


I knew there was a reason this group felt so comfortable…we’re all pretty much into learning new things and scouting out the next adventure. :smile:


I think I might need that… Also it appears no one can seem to keep a job :joy::joy::joy:


We appreciate your service as well. I have a son that is autistic, he is ADHD/Aspergers with a few other things going on…I haven’t heard of hyperlexic but will read up on it. Mine is an adult and is high functioning – very good with CAD design but can’t get him interested in the Glowforge as of yet. The software he learned on in high school is very expensive a bit high for my budget. I haven’t been able to get him interested in any other program. Smart guy, but a bit hard to inspire. :slight_smile: