Whatever happened with the engraved rock?


@dan Just wondering if the picture of the engraved rock was available?

Thinking of doing engraved rock/stone dials for watches :wink:

Also is it possible to fudge the focus depth of the laser to create the “floating” images in glass or acrylic?



Not sure about the rock thing, but there is another thread where internal glass engraving is discussed (Can it engrave quartz crystal?)

Turns out that since glass absorbs the CO2 laser frequencies, you need a different kind of laser to do those.


I just ducked out into the mud and grabbed this, so it’s not much. But it does sort of rock. (groan)

Stone Etching
Laser like rock melting
Glass and Stone
My boy

Thanks! More ideas have been thought… Going to need a bigger workshop!



Now I will need to add nice large 1.5" or less thick stones to my hoarding list. My kids are totally on board with gathering free materials and are much more observant than I am. “Dad, can we put that in the laser?”


This is going to turn me into a rock hound!


I did this on river rock I found at the craft store used in floral decorations and such…

The surface had small pits where the laser didn’t touch, hense the non whiter areas within the letters.


Is any of it melted as in glass?


It sparkles!


that theres a awful shiny bit of pretty


Nice! Is that discoloration or did it actually remove material?


Mainly discoloration…like it melted it a bit


Thank you