What's the difference between passive and active ventilation?

Hi everybody.
Since a few days i’ve been wondering if my basic model would need an air filter update before shipping.
The main reason is my GF will rest far from the window i can use to place the exhaust pipe so i’d need to move it before and after using, placing it on a tray. Movement will also cause vibrations and i don’t want to risk any optic issue due to this.
So… air filter is the solution, i think.
I think an air filtered GF can get rid of fumes faster than a basic one but does the cleanness of the cut/engraving will be different?

While I don’t know the answer, it raises the question about portability. I plan to have my GF mounted on a movable stand and hope this is not a problem.


The basic vented GF sends fumes directly out the window through a dryer like hose. The vented unit forces the air through a filter first and then vents into the room. Would think the direct vent would be better or at least no worse than the filtered unit for extracting fumes. Either way, filters will need to be replaced after an unknown operation period. We don’t know the cost but filters will not be inexpensive. Factor that into your decision.


While we are on the subject of filters, will they be active charcoal filters? I didn’t know if they needed to remain sealed when not in use. I plan to use mine when I am away from home with my unit and use the window hose when I am at home. I know the filter masks I use at work have to remain sealed when not in use or they continue to absorb and filter the air and that cuts down on filter life drastically

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Thats a great point…didnt think about that. I believe the intake will be the same 4" inlet where the hose that would normally go out a window would go. But since it filters out the sides, it would not be sealed off at those points unless there is a one way leaver that is pushed open when the air is flowing outward. I too had planned on using the filter only when away from my office otherwise it would be hooked up to my exhaust system. What say you @dan concerning this? Maybe store the filter unit in a large bin with a lid…


I dont believe movement will effect the optics. The laser produces some vibration with the xy axis movement and should be pretty solid.

I believe it was mentioned that the internal airflow will push the fumes up to 8’ out the vent. If its any longer, there are inline fans that would help boost the airflow beyond that…


The more airflow pulling fumes and smoke is definitely better. When I got my first laser, I vented it out the dryer outlet and used an inline fan in addition to the built in fan to push the smoke along. When I moved to my larger workspace, I hooked up my large exhaust fan on the roof and vented that way and noticed much less residue deposits on the material. So the more airflow you have will produce cleaner cuts and a cleaner finished product.


I thought the use of the on-board filter was incompatible with hose extraction - it’s an either or. I recall a post that said if you get the optional filter then you can’t use a hose & fan to extract fumes due to the design of the housing and components.

I will remove the laser from the filter when I am home and install the filter for use outside of the home


I searched and found this

@Dan says what you want to do can’t be done.

You can’t vent with the filter attached but you can detach the filter and vent


It’s like sunglasses. You can wear them outside or you can not wear them inside. Just because you do one does not exclude the other. Otherwise you’d have to either wear sunglasses all the time or never wear them.

What @dan is saying is that while capable of either, you can only use one or the other at a given moment.

Correct - you can switch between filtering and exhausting outdoors, but we don’t have any method for doing both.

Note that there is a great deal of airflow already; you don’t need to worry about increasing it!


I’m back to clear up my doubts: I live in a condominium and I can’t just let GF smokes to flow out of my window, someone of my neighbors may try to kill me.
So I realized I could plug and unplug the ventilation hose to the condominium chimney that is already connected to my kitchen extractor hood.
Can this be done? I live at ground floor and the condominium is 6 floors high. If I can, must I add some powerful ventilation and turn on the extractor hood? :thinking:

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I wouldn’t hesitate to experiment with that idea! Likely a perfect solution for you. If having the kitchen vent tied into the chimney hasn’t created any issue, I wouldn’t expect the laser exhaust to either.

I hope it may works. If not I’ll spend a few weeks bulding my own filter.
I can’t find any different solution.

Does anyone know if a fast, easy and safe way to plug/unplug the hose to the cimney exists?

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Tommorow i’ll show you the actual situation and what i would do…

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Somewhere here in a ‘venting’ thread there was an ingenious magnetic connection shown.

Here’s a link to where you can buy one:


Thank you!

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