Wheel off track**

***UPDATE: I fixed the wheel issue (had to relevel my table) but the problem persists. The left side is jerking/ stalling only when cutting. It moves freely when the machine is powered off or centering.

I am having problems with the left top and bottom track wheels not rolling in various places when my machine is cutting.
This is causing the left belt to not move intermittently and thus causing my cuts to be messed up. (I hope that makes sense.)

I have squared, checked and tightened all belts, replaced the belt under the carriage drive, checked for debris, cleaned all wheels and tracks, checked wheels for cracks.

Out of warranty, live overseas on base so need as quick a fix as possible.


I was not able to view the video. Sometimes people upload the video to Youtube and then link to it.

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You can click here to download the movie file. You likely have a video player on your computer that can view it even though the browser won’t embed it:



Video wouldn’t load in post.
And editing to add the right track wheel is able to move side to side not sure if it’s a screw that holds them in that could have loosened or if it’s always had a little give.

Here’s a second video to show how the left side stops at the points where the wheel spins freely.

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I had a semi dumb moment.

Recently had to replace the circuit board. Apparently the step motor plug wasn’t fully connected. It came unplugged at some point since installing. So the motor had no power causing the left side to be pulled/ dragged.

Plugged it back in and the problem is fixed!


Yay for figuring it out!

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Hi @ashley.f.thigpen - Very sorry we’re just now getting back to you in this thread. Good detective work on getting to the root of the issue though!

Since it looks like this is all solved, I’m going to go ahead and close this topic. Please feel free to reach out to us again though if there’s anything else you need.