Wheeled cart for pro model

Hi. I want to get a wheeled cart to keep my Glowforge on so that when I want to use the pass through (which I have yet to use), I can move the Glowforge so I can do this as it is currently up against a wall. Has anybody else done this and if so what are you using? Thank you!

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Searching the forum will show you lots of prior discussion about this.


among others.



I bought a Husky rolling tool box/bench from Home Depot. Perfect size and height for me. Cabinet doors at the bottom and 3 drawers.

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this is the one I got.


it is great.

HD also has an adjustable table with a couple of drawers in it for an infeed table.

I got one from menards but it doesn’t have the drawers.

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Harbor Freight heavy-duty welding cart, with a butcher-block table surface extending over the gas-canister tray. Caster wheels on the one side let it pivot 90° and then back again for pass-through and fan cleaning.


Here is mine that is on casters:

This is the cart my GF, (Glowy LeForge) lives on. Very heavy duty, locking wheels, got it at Home Depot

I can move her outside to the lanai when the weather is nice or I am cutting “stinky” materials.

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