When is this darn thing going to ship?

My page says my unit is expected around the 18th, thats in 2 days, no emails, no tracking, no shipping info has been sent to me. WTH? No return emails answering my questions, is this how this company runs? Will I have these issues if I have a problem? I run my own business and I bought this based on the time line it said I would get it so I could get product done in time…I also did the finance and my first payment will be a month from when I ordered NOT received it…anyone else have shipping issues or now how this works?

Which unit did you buy? Stock is low on pro and basic I think.

The date you see listed on your purchase page is an estimated target shipping date based on a computer algorithm, and as it’s updated with new data from the factory, that can shift. It’s the best estimate of when you will receive the shipping notice though, so keep an eye out for the email, or for changes in the date.

After much shifting around and waiting several extra months, mine arrived three weeks before I expected it, causing me to have to rush ahead to have a place to put it. As noted it is an algorithm and estimate, which was a lot better than a fixed date for everyone that was in place when I bought mine. And I was much more upset when it became obvious that several months had passed from when I bought mine and they were still promising delivery for folks who bought theirs months later at that same date. It was those complaints that got us to the algorithm that is best approximation, but can change as things go better or worse at the factory.

Well I ordered the Plus, so it shouldn’t be an issue then should it?

In addition to the shipping “estimates” I am not happy to be paying for something that has not even shipped yet via the finance company…THAT needs to change to begin on the ship date…ugh

It did not for any of the rest of us. It was (and is) in escrow incase the company crashed and burned, that it would be returned but folk put up several thousand dollars and are still waiting for the filters after waiting years for the machines. The folks who waited years longer than I did put up thousands less than I did. they got a good return on it eventually but that was not a given.

Pardon me for being blunt but what others experienced isn’t really my concern. I am talking about now, now that the company is moving forward with this and these are the things that I feel are important to bring up. $4000 is a decent amount of money, this IS about me and my finances. When making a large purchase like this as an investment for my business, means I need to get a good return on that investment and if I miss some of the Holiday selling season that affects my bottom line. I hope you understand where I am coming from here, its just business.

Oh and I didn’t order a filter I order the Plus which said was IN STOCK…

Because you are more special than anyone? I also was promised delivery on Nov first and was not operational; till Feb. and I spent $6k not four and had all the same concerns. It is indeed just business and not everything happens as you would wish. You could have spent $300 for a Chinese machine and still be figuring it out a year from now, and the many other issues, or $30k for an Epilog and have a good machine that will do a stronger cut on bigger stuff but harder financial nut to crack.

A number of folks here have all those and more some no more than the Glowforge. Your lack of concern for others does make it harder for those others to have concern for your problems (even though they usually manage)

If everyone felt the same way you wouldn’t get any replies.

Good luck with your shipment.

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I tried to tell you this is just about business and I believe my concerns are legitimate. I do not have a lack of concern for what others went though but their travails don’t really help me now do they. This is not the onset of this company, its has been in production and I think its great it is being some widely acclaimed and purchased. No, I don’t think I am “more special” … Like I said, this IS about my business and I don’t need platitudes, I would have appreciated answers actually. So the snark is not only unwarranted its really unnecessary…I’m trying to run a business and for me, this kind of thing just doesn’t sit well with me. When I tell a customer an item I have sold them is going to ship at a certain time or date, I go out of my way to make sure I keep my word and if I don’t I try to do something to make sure I keep them as a customer and maintain the best relationship possible. I realize this is a different set of circumstances but I find the lack of communication a great concern, especially if I have any issues moving forward…so unless you have something more constructive to say or offer, other than an insult, then I am no longer in need of any of your insights, but thanks for trying…

you’ll probably want to post this in problems and support. posting it in “everything else” is unlikely to get a support response to your question.


Why is being honest about how you are feeling a problem for people. I said this was about business, I’m looking for real answers not platitudes, I am in business and made this purchase after a ton of research and did not expect to have this issue…

Hear hear

I was actually just looking for someone who had a good experience like yes mine said x,y ,z and I got it a few days later etc. How people came about getting theirs “years” after they ordered it doesn’t help me. I was looking for recent purchases and timelines. I am not a bitch, just a business woman who is trying to get this machine so I can take advantage of the Holiday selling season. Perhaps you are all hobbyists and waiting wasn’t an issue but if I was told it would ship on a certain day, then as a business who honors their commitments, I expected the same…

FWIW, I got my email shipping notification shortly after UPS delivered my unit.

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I asked a question, was I wanted was real time current answers, did I really need to ask for that specifically? How does something that happened 3 years ago when this was all a dream help me now?

Ugh, obviously communications are not their best asset, wondering how this will affect problems in the future, but thanks very much for the heads up, so even their “notifications” are off :frowning:

Oh and for some reason I can’t “reply” anymore for 19 hours…SMH

I actually think she is. Most of us (the veterans around here anyway) were early day buyers - we bought knowing it was a development project (not as much as it turned out though).

This post is from someone who bought after Dan transitioned from pre-purchase to “get yours in 10 days”. The company is either no longer in startup mode or it’s a grown up that needs to follow business norms. If you’re selling on Amazon people have an expectation of how you’ll deliver - the GF of the past three years does not match those expectations and what the early pioneers went through is not relevant to the guy buying today with an “in stock” notice.

GF may not be ready for a normal business sales, marketing & fulfillment model. That doesn’t invalidate their failure to meet their customers’ reasonable expectations caused by their decision to declare mission accomplished, find us on Amazon.

I’d suggest this is a bigger fail than the 3 years of delays many of us went through. I don’t buy something shown on Amazon and expect crowd funded company behavior.

It’s very similar to another thread here about a small company failing to deliver wood in a timely & communicative manner but with radically different responses from forum-folk :slightly_smiling_face: