When my GF arrives - a synthesis of two new technologies



These were sculpted in ZBrush and then 3D printed in PLA. I’m planning to take the sculptural parts (skull, etc.) and seperate them from the plaque part to print, then use The GF to create a new and more exciting plaque. Originally I was thinking of acrylic, but the more I see what you all are making, I am leaning more to a nice maple or cherry.


Oh those are COOL.


Scary! :sunglasses:


Can’t wait to see what kinda depth you’re able to get. Hopefully the details still translate OK through thinner material.


Sweet…those are pretty wicked…:smile:


Those are beautiful! What kind of 3D printer did you use??


Makerbot replicator 2 and a Z-18


:drooling_face::drooling_face: jealous


Six more weeks to my Prusa i3! Nice inspiration.


wow, those are so cool - can’t wait to see them with GF’d plaque :thumbsup:


I’m pretty sure I know the answer, but there’s this wood filled PLA, right? Can you 3D print that and then engrave it with a laser?!

Basically, how well would the wood-filled PLA engrave?! I’m guess it’d just melt, but I’m not sure…might be a chance it would work somewhat.


Yeah, since the PLA that forms the base of the wood filaments melts at a really low temp, you might wind up with a big old melted mess all over your grid tray. :confounded:


PLA hits transition temperature at about 160ºF (don’t worry, someone will correct me if I’m a degree off…), so I’m thinking this would be like the proverbial snowflake in the Hot Place. :wink:


Should this topic get revisited with the info from the July update?


Ehhhh…probably! Chuckle! (Gettin’ kinda hard to keep up.) :wink:


Son of a…

Yes you can. Wow, that opens up another world, doesn’t it? :grin:

Only thing I had available in PLA to test downstairs was a black base for a rotary unit that I use on spools of filament, but by gosh, the lower power settings engraved it just fine…

Hope you can see it…I hit the dull side.

Draft Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending July 1st, 2017

Looks good – was wondering if low power engraving would work


Nice! :wink: