When will I receive an invoice for my company's bookkeeping for the order?

I’m a self-employed designer and new to this type of pre-order stuff. I’ve already paid the money to reserve my Glowforge machine, but I didn’t receive an invoice. Makes sense, as I can still cancel and probably get some money back from referrals. But on the other hand it’s strange to pay a big sum of money without getting some kind of receipt. So simple question: When will I receive an invoice for my company for the order? Will the invoice be sent together with shipping of machine? Will it include the company information that needs to be on the invoice (don’t think I could provide this when I ordered)?

You should have gotten one from Paypal, if not Glowforge.

We send a receipt on purchase. Paypal sends one too. Stripe does not by default (they’re the ones who do the credit card form), but we’re fixing that shortly.

Oh, regarding the invoice - I believe we’re going to do that with the machine. Let me check.

OK, our head of operations just told me that the machine will be accompanied by an invoice that says ‘paid’.

That makes sense. Thanks!

That is OK if the machine is delivered in this tax year but will be a problem for me if it is late into next tax year as I won’t be able to submit my accounts.


This is kinda a big no no for me. I need to have certain information on my receipt.

Just my name is not enough as I have to pay 22% tax in my country and if I do not receive a receipt with my machine that states my company name, address and my VAT number I don’t get the VAT back and I can’t add it to my business’ expense.

I had trouble paying for my Glowforge Pro because the regulations in my country and I need to have a clear answer on this now, because I was just getting ready to complete payment, which took me a good 14 days with rushing everyone.

Will the receipt state just my name as an individual or will it state

My company name
My company address
My company VAT
I don’t want to pay 22% more for the GF + shipping, which is a completely absurd number then. I’d cost me over 7000 USD then.

Did you consider the custom fees? It seems that this is something many are forgetting, and for which I had quite an argument with Dan.

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The customs fees I know about. It’s 4.5% for Laser Cutters and on that there’s VAT again.

Basically how it goes is

Glowforge + shipping = 5700 USD
5700 USD + 4.5% Customs fees = 5956,5 USD
5956,5 USD + 22% VAT = 7266,93 USD

That last one is a killer.

That’s why I reaaaaaly need an invoice with my business details, which I will hopefully get since I ordered already.

@briski brisk: which country you are living?

I’am not 100% sure, but e.g. importing this machine to Finland (part of EU) I must pay VAT’s only for the product not for the delivery, because delivery is service and not the product. However, our VAT is 24%. Importing here anything out side of EU is a true nightmare. Of course there can be differences country by country and I wouldn’t be so surprise if our greedy government people will charge also VAT from delivery.

Unfortunately here in Slovenia we pay VAT on absolutely everything -.-

In the UK we pay VAT on the total cost including shipping but the invoice for the import VAT comes from the courier at the time of delivery and it that that is used to reclaim the VAT if you are VAT registered.

@dan I just read over this post again and realise that nobody clearly confirmed that the company details will be included on that invoice that is sent along with the machine?
Company name- Company address- Company VATno
It may be obvious, but would be good to see you confirm that too. Just to be sure.

It really sounded like they’re refusing to do it, though I hope for y’all’s sakes that they figure out a solution.

Last time I said “sure we can absolutely make that minor shipping change for you” it was someone who asked me to print the wrong price on the package to avoid customs. My lawyer gave me what-for for that. So I’m not going to answer till I hear back from her that it’s cool… but I’m pretty sure that it’s cool.

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Haha, I’ve shipped things before and it’s amazing how people will just casually ask you to commit fraud, with no care in the world.