When you brew your own beer and have a laser


Started a new hobby of brewing my own beer.
Since it’s going to be bottled and caps are anodized aluminum, and I have :glowforge:

Mead on the Glowforge

Awesome! :smile:


That is one of the coolest things that I have seen. Where do you find the blank tops? :grinning:


You can find them at any brewing store or online in any color you want.


Thanks Jules


Just when you think you’ve seen it all. Wow, this is proper wicked!




Nice! We have a local brewery supposed to start up in our town next year. I’ve planted the seed…


Very cool!
My step son suggested I do that for the small breweries around us. I told him it took me 3 hrs 8 min to engrave 50 at a low lpi. His response was "Never mind " lol.
If you have the time I say go for it!


Oh, very cool! I like how you just used the piece of ply as a holder for the caps.


Maybe they could use it for promotional beers?


Actually cardboard.
Made the width deeper so that it would push against the door. That way it would be very close to the same position when I use it again.


Very cool!


I hadn’t thought of that. Thanks! I see custom caps in the future for Crawford Brothers ( https://untappd.com/search?q=Crawford+brothers )!


When do we get a taste?


Sitting at work reading the forums and I exclaimed “oh my God that awesome”. Got some strange looks from my colleagues. This almost makes me want to go back to bottling.


After me! :grin:


Kinda know that feeling with all of the amazing things people have made!


Very cool.

One of my next projects is making magnetic labels for my kegerator… dozens of beer words like “American” “Pale” “Ale” “IBU” plus digits, percent sign, etc. That seemed like a fun way to label the taps.


Great idea!