Mead on the Glowforge


Thanks again, @teditz ( When you brew your own beer and have a laser ) for the inspiration! I just finished labeling the mead (cyser, technically) I bottled this week. Laser-etched bottle caps courtesy of the `forge.

The image of the etched caps in the jig has the added bonus of being an accidental single-image stereogram.


Nice design.

With a bit of work that would be a good butt joint design, too


Youre more than welcome! That’s what we’re all here for!
But does this mean you’ll send me a bottle of your Mead? :joy:
They look great!


Takes your bottle over the top!


Looks great. I’d recommend running a score around the edge of the design to remove the jaggies from the engrave


Very cool design! :grinning:


That can be arranged! It needs a few weeks (usually ~6) in the bottles before it is ready to drink.


Good suggestion! I will give that a go next round. Originally, I was trying to just do it with vectors but, it really needed the fill to look right.


Did you try it with filled vector shapes? I usually get good results with rector engraves at 340lpi on metal substrates.


I did not. That’s an interesting idea.



Thanks! That spiral is a derivative of a triskelion I did for one of the twisted crest pop up cards I have been playing with:

So, my original intent was not yin-yang but, once it emerged, I just went with it.

I like the idea of using these sorts of spirals for butt joints, too. I started thinking about that as soon as I saw @evansd2 's first post on his experiments.