When you're inspired by the Catalog, but you need an EPS/SVG

The Glowforge Catalog features some tasteful, lovely designs, but without getting an EPS/SVG style deliverable, it makes it impossible to scale it up by about 30% so that a votive will fit glass candle holders-- which just makes me feel safer when using a real candle.

So here is my riff on my inspiration from the Catalog, made into a gift to take to my friends Ana and Eduardo for a house warming and to celebrate their first baby. The flat-pack of laser cut designs are perfect for luggage. :slight_smile:

…and the sun design, which I created for my twist-lock gift box last weekend, was useful to repurpose here for a celebratory lighting “grate”. But when my wife saw it she said, “That makes me think of the Circle of Life!”

So… because the Glowforge is so user friendly, today I created a derivative Lion King Jr design to make into thank-you gifts for my wife’s staff after their performance tomorrow night! Whew!


Great design. I’ve had the same issue with the catalog. The patterns they offer for instance can’t be edited. I’d love to make a candle holder with those patterns but can’t because I can’t get to the svg.


Oh kewl! (Love the Lion King one!) :grinning:


Thanks. Nothing like finding one’s muse when a deadline leaps – and it turns out it’s a Glowforge. :smiley:


Great work again!

I was scrolling down the pictures and kinda hoping the last one would be you holding the votive in both hands, arms outstretched towards the sun on the edge of a rock, in the background…

“Nants votive bagithi baba”


Those are beautiful designs—you did a wonderful job on them.

What I get from the catalog designs are inspiration for my own designs (which I’d rather be doing anyway), and especially insight on how to make things fit together. Some of them feature very clever fitting methodologies. Now that you have designed your own, you’ve got a great base design to use for many different purposes.


I don’t want to risk a forum ban with details so I’ll just make a sort of :zipper_mouth_face:


It seems to me that the catalog has abandoned for the moment. It doesn’t have a lot in it and I don’t see things being added. It’s a shame. I’m sure when they get the time it will become more intriguing.

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We’re on the same page. That’s how my wife wants to present her thank-yous to her staff. :wink:

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Agreed. The ecosystem is a lot of what I saw conceptually appealing in the Glowforge to bridge from your usual creative/technical maker profile to a tool/appliance a whole family can find easier and more appealing to use. So far in the Catalog’s volume, method of file delivery and straightjacket on manipulation, as well as for prices, it’s not “there”. But I hope the ecosystem can and will grow.