Where are the standard fonts like Times Roman, Arial and Helvetica?

I have fonts to match that I would like to do in the Beta GUI that GF has in place at the moment. The typical fonts are not there so I have to spend a fair amount of time looking for ‘close enough’ font.
I have plaque labels to do in Times Roman and would like to make it easy to set them up without going through other software.

Is there any additions coming to help with this issue. It is bad enough that Inkscape, AI and CDR don’t all have the same.


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Great question - I have been doing the same thing and would love to see ‘standard’ fornts and ‘google fonts’ added. Thank you for bringing this up - look forward to the answer.

I think that it is a matter of “intellectual Property” in the source. Even the compression techniques of images or file storage like jpeg, or gif have gone through the fights that you can sell the results but not the source without paying what can be huge amounts. Even when you have virtually identical fonts there needs to be a different name to avoid the possibility of legal charges. It gets really ridiculous but that doesn’t change things.

If you have the required font on your machine and can put it together in Inkscape or Affinity I would do that or have a note somewhere allowing you to use a “similar” font.

Inkscape and AI use fonts installed on your system. If you have them installed, they are available in the app.

That was the final workaround, the operating system had them and others just used them, but then the other programs wanted their own so more are not in the main font library. I’m sure others here have far more detail than I do. I have just been a bemused observer but going back before many here were born.

Google Fonts. Free and work with just about any graphics software. There are thousands.

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I disagree.
Type in Times Roman in the app font search window and results are not even close.
This is as simple as it should be.
If there are ‘close enough’ fonts installed, please publish a list with cross reference,
I hate guessing and wasting time.

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I said they are available in Inkscape, as are any fonts available installed on your system.

If your design requirements are specific enough to dictate a specific font, you probably shouldn’t be using the tools in the GF workspace. They are meant for people who don’t have the skill to use a real design app.


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