Where can I find non proofgrade wood?

What kind of wood do you guys use and where do you get it, So it doesn’t break the bank.

I’m so confused because it says not to use plywood because of the glue, but even the proof grade is a plywood.


The ‘glue’ won’t hurt your machine, it’s just that it won’t cut through. If you can see where the voids are and where the glue would be, it wouldn’t be a problem, you can put your design to avoid those areas. I use Home Depot’s Purebond and it cuts great. I also use their whiteboard. They typically will cut these to size for you if you ask. That being said, what machine are you using. I have the plus and use these but not sure about the Aura if that’s what you’re using…
Also do a search here, it’s been discussed many times.


I am using the aura. The glue makes a sticky residue on the laser.

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Ah, in the case of the Aura they specifically say not to use plywood with an MDF core. The Proofgrade light plywood has a wood core. It’s definitely possible to find non-MDF plywood from other suppliers. Baltic Birch (not plain birch) doesn’t have an MDF core so that should work just fine in the Aura. I get mine from GS2Awards

You’ll likely have to pick up your own masking, which can be bought in small amounts from places like Amazon, or in bulk from suppliers.

There are a lot of helpful answers in this post, it’s worth a read-through!


Thank you.


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