Where do my fellow canadina buy their material?

Just wondering where Canadians buy their material, specifically acrylic sheet. (I’m in Quebec, BTW).
I’m also asking because I’m thinking of carrying 12x20 sheet laser proof material in my Amazon.ca store and was wondering if it’s worth it ( It should cost 60-70% of what PG costs, all considered.) good idea?

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I’ve seen a bunch of threads talking about Canadian sources, if you haven’t searched around, it’s definitely out there.

There are a lot of online sources that are great for starting out, however, they usually come with premium price tags. We spent several weeks travelling to local plastics companies and lumber mills making connections and checking out products and now have cost-effective suppliers for everything that we need. It’s a ton of legwork, though, in the end, it pays off to have these connections.

I buy my Acrylics from these lovely people:


I suggest looking for Plastic Shops around your area?

I’m waiting to pick up our GF this week. We are in New Brunswick. Would love to be able to purchase some materials materials from your amazon.ca shop.